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Everyone is welcome, just add an item to the pad if you want something raised.

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  • Security issue

  • 2.7

    • This week (10th): Request testing
    • Next one (17th): Announce, merge translations,
    • Next one (24th): Release



Plan for CKAN 2.7: #3623

Proposed tasks split for next week:

  • 2 main outstanding PRs (getting them reviewed, merged and backported to 2.7):
    • Docker: #3596 - Ian
    • RQ + Datastore: #3627 - Adrià
  • Sec patches
  • Update to 2.7 - Konstantin
  • Build 2.7 beta package and upload - Konstantin or Sergey
  • Request for help testing - Adrià
  • Build patch release packages (split between all)


Goce and Aleksandar from Viderum join to present the work being done on the migration to Boostrap 3 (#3547). Still a few things to iron out but it’s 80% there. We discussed what would be the migration strategy and agreed that Bootstrap 2 and 3 templates would need to coexist for a while to give current extensions and instances time to upgrade. The rough plan is:

  • Announce the change on 2.7 (but don’t include anything)
  • After 2.7 is branched, work on the compatibility mechanism. Suggestion is to have both sets of templates/assets for Bootstrap 2 and 3 and load one or the other depending on a config option (defaults to 3).
  • These two sets can be in core, as any new changes in templates should be applied to both sets during the transition period (within reason, will be judged on a case by case basis)
  • Once we have a compatibility mechanism working, merge this PR and make the Bootstrap 3 templates the default.
  • We keep the Bootstrap 2 templates/assets on 2.8 and 2.9
  • We remove them completely on 2.10


Plan for 2.7:

  • Check resourcing over next few weeks
  • Merge big DataStore PRs before branching (#3414, #3523, #3444)
  • Decide on DataStore backends PR (#3437) after full review
  • Everyone to prioritize any PRs that should go into 2.7
  • Once most of the merges are done, branch off dev-v2.7 and start the release process
  • Flask PRs (#3239) to be merged as soon as 2.7 is branched
  • Mark for deprecation anything in #3536 as appropiate.


  • #3523 - ping heavy users of the DataStore (NHM), mailing list


Deprecations and next releases:

There is a bunch of changes in the works that will remove API endpoints and change behaviour which are big enough to announce and deprecate on the next release (2.7) and properly remove on the next one (2.8 / 3.0).

@TkTech to create an issue on the repo to start listing them and discuss what goes in.


Notes on release process

  • Great work Sergey and Konstantin! :tada:
  • Starting on CKAN 2.6 we no longer do a branch per patch release (eg release-v2.6.2), but rather we have a dev-v2.x branch where we do the backports and then create a tag (eg ckan-2.6.2) there is the actual release. So I deleted the release-v2.6.2 branch and moved all your cherry-picks to dev-2.6
  • I always wait until the last moment (before building the final packages) to create the git tags, to give time to do any final changes without having to delete and recreate the tags on the remote repo, which is not a good practice. I've deleted the 3 tags you had created so I could backport #3488.

Meeting 2017-01-05

Chair: Notes: - Pull Requests (XX open) *

Issues (XX open)

  • #1234 - Resolution

General questions:

  • GSOC 2017 ( )
  • Action Items:
  • Joel to flesh out ideas for consideration/review of Devs by Jan 6
  • Target to post something on Roadmap & Ideas GH repo for community feedback for whole week of the 9th
  • Start writing proposals week of 16th (maybe, even collaboratively with community)
  • Submit proposals by Feb 9 deadline
  • Onboarding Docs
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