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Suggest a new feature

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If you want to see a new feature that is not available in CogStat yet, request it.

To suggest a new feature, go to the Issues page.

You need a github account (it's free to register) to do some of the following steps.

Check if the feature was already proposed

You can search some key terms to find whether the feature was already proposed.

If you found that feature, you might :+1: the first comment, denoting that you'd also like to see it in CogStat. More votes for the feature increases the possibility that we can implement it.

If you want to extend the request, add any further information as comments. (See also the next part what information is especially useful for us.)

Propose a new feature

If the feature was not suggested yet, then click on the New issue button in the upper right corner. Specify the following pieces of information:

  • Please try to specify how a function could work: e.g., what should be given in the user interface, what parameters it should have to set, what output is should show, etc.
  • If it is a specific statistic, please preferably refer to a paper that describes it, or to a software that implements it. If you know that some Python module already implements it, insert a URL to that module.
  • If you'd want to modify some procedure, please add relevant references (methodological paper, online tutorial, etc.) that discuss the issue, and describe the advantages of the new procedure.
  • If it is not trivial how the feature could be used, describe some use cases when the proposed feature could be useful.
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