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@andrewhsu andrewhsu released this Jun 7, 2017 · 9540 commits to master since this release


Items starting with DEPRECATE are important deprecation notices. For more
information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at where target removal dates can also
be found.

17.06.0-ce (2017-06-15)


  • Add --iidfile option to docker build. It allows specifying a location where to save the resulting image ID
  • Allow specifying any remote ref in git checkout URLs #32502


  • Add --format option to docker stack ls #31557
  • Add support for labels in compose initiated builds #32632 #32972
  • Add --format option to docker history #30962
  • Add --format option to docker system df #31482
  • Allow specifying Nameservers and Search Domains in stack files #32059
  • Add support for read_only service to docker stack deploy #docker/cli/73


  • Select digest over tag when both are provided during a pull #33214


  • Add monitored resource type metadata for GCP logging driver #32930
  • Add multiline processing to the AWS CloudWatch logs driver #30891


  • Add Support swarm-mode services with node-local networks such as macvlan, ipvlan, bridge, host #32981
  • Pass driver-options to network drivers on service creation [#32981] (moby/moby#33130)
  • Isolate Swarm Control-plane traffic from Application data traffic using --data-path-addr [#32717] (moby/moby#32717)


  • Rely on container-selinux on Centos/Fedora/RHEL when available #32437


  • Add build & engine info prometheus metrics #32792
  • Update containerd to d24f39e203aa6be4944f06dd0fe38a618a36c764 #33007
  • Update runc to 992a5be178a62e026f4069f443c6164912adbf09 #33007
  • Add option to auto-configure blkdev for devmapper #31104
  • Add log driver list to docker info #32540
  • Add API endpoint to allow retrieving an image manifest #32061
  • Do not remove container from memory on error with forceremove #31012
  • Add support for metric plugins #32874
  • Return an error when an invalid filter is given to prune commands #33023
  • Add daemon option to allow pushing foreign layers #33151
  • Fix an issue preventing containerd to be restarted after it died #32986
  • Add cluster events to Docker event stream. #32421
  • Add support for DNS search on windows #33311


  • Allow personality with UNAME26 bit set in default seccomp profile #32965

Swarm Mode

  • Add an option to allow specifying a different interface for the data traffic (as opposed to control traffic) #32717
  • Allow specifying a secret location within the container #32571
  • Add support for secrets on Windows #32208
  • Add TLS Info to swarm info and node info endpoint #32875
  • Add support for services to carry arbitrary config objects #32336, #docker/cli/45,#33169
  • Add API to rotate swarm CA certificate #32993
  • Service digest pining is now handled client side #32388, #33239
  • Placement now also take platform in account #33144
  • Fix missing ipam driver option usage in config only networks in swarm mode #docker-ce/21
  • Fix possible hang when joining fails #docker-ce/19
  • Fix an issue preventing external CA to be accepted #33341
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