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This page contains a list of resources that a monitoring agent could check for on a production Eucalyptus IaaS cloud.

Standard Operating System Checks

  • CPU Load - Done
  • System Load - Done
  • Memory usage - Done
  • Swap usage - Done
  • Disk space - Done
  • Network Traffic
  • Total Processes - Done
  • I/O (metric tbd)


  • Running images
  • Running instance type
  • Available resources
  • Available cores - Done

Cloud Controller

  • PostgreSQL connections / CLC logs indicate proxool errors / CLC/postgres (can connect)
  • Number of Public IP Addresses allocated Done
  • Number of available instances per type (warn when availability runs low)
  • CLC logs indicate errors in VmInstance$RestoreAllocation
  • CLC,Walrus,SC,VB/jvm (heap usage, full gc stop time threshold)
  • Check TCP port 8773 is listening Done


  • Cache size
  • Bukkits disk usage
  • DRBD sync & role (status)
  • Walrus logs indicate "Peer is primary and I am supposed to be master! Unable to proceed!"
  • Check TCP port 8773 is listening Done

Cluster Controller

  • Do the NODES in the a HA CC setup match for paired CCs
  • CC/NC rampart package versions do not match (more Eucalyptus Bug specific, not daily monitoring?)
  • CC logs indicate errors communicating with an NC
  • Network tomography (partition detection; routing/switching check)
  • Check TCP port 8774 is listening Done
  • CC image cache size vs size of current cache (/var/lib/eucalyptus/dynserv/)

Storage Controller

  • Local cache
  • Loopback devices in use - Done
  • Specifically disk space in /var/lib/eucalyptus/volumes
  • Failed snapshots? (check for vol and snap ID's by filename length?)
  • tgtd status
  • NetApp/Equallogic logs have faulures because an "iSCSI session from another initiator already exists"
  • I/O Wait
  • Check TCP port 8773 is listening Done

Node Controller

  • NC/kernel (load average threshold, dmesg call stacks with io_sched in them)
  • NC/libvirtd (is it alive)
  • Loopback devices in use - Done
  • iscsid - To rethink, as if iscsid is stops, euca will restart it auto on mounting EBS vol.
  • iscsiadm (can establish sessions)
  • libvirtd - Done
  • Specifically disk space in /var/lib/eucalyptus/instances/[cache,work]
  • NC has not received a describeResources request in the last WARN_TIMEOUT minutes: Warning
  • NC has not received a describeResources request in the last ERROR_TIMEOUT minutes: Error
  • iscsiadm on NC is not responding to control operations or has errors about loading kernel module
  • Check TCP port 80 is listening Done


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