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illegalprime commented Apr 28, 2019

the micro image currently doesn't have enough free space to boot (currently an extra 20MB of space is given to it). possible solutions:

  1. figure out what's taking up so much space at boot and minimize it (hardest)
  2. make the boot-resizing process take up less space in extra utils (harder)
  3. load a mini image and see how much extra space it takes up compared to how much it started with, u
RobertCNelson commented Aug 16, 2021

New in Bullseye, but i'm going to backport it:

debian@BeagleBone:~$ dpkg --list | grep generic-sys-mods
ii  generic-sys-mods                          1.20210809.1-0~bullseye+20210809        armhf        System tweaks for the Generic Systems


sudo systemctl enable regenerate_ssh_host_keys.service 
sudo reboot
#Key's get regenerated before SSH becomes active again..

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