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Machine learning is the practice of teaching a computer to learn. The concept uses pattern recognition, as well as other forms of predictive algorithms, to make judgments on incoming data. This field is closely related to artificial intelligence and computational statistics.

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eladmw commented Aug 13, 2020

Considering your amazing efficiency on pandas, numpy, and more, it would seem to make sense for your module to work with even bigger data, such as Audio (for example .mp3 and .wav). This is something that would help a lot considering the nature audio (ie. where one of the lowest and most common sampling rates is still 44,100 samples/sec). For a use case, I would consider'Hu

evelynmitchell commented Oct 9, 2020 includes a link to the assets/igel-help.gif, but that path is broken on readthedocs.

readme.rst is included as ../readme.rst in the sphinx build.
The gifs are in asses/igel-help.gif

The sphinx build needs to point to the asset directory, absolutely:

.. image:: /assets/igel-help.gif

I haven't made a patch, because I haven't

ssimontacchi commented Jun 20, 2020

Hi, Thanks for the awesome library!

So I am running a Kmeans on lots of different datasets, which all have roughly four shapes, so I initialize with those shapes and it works well, except for just a few times. There are a few datasets that look different enough that I end up with empty clusters and the algorithm just hangs ("Resumed because of empty cluster" again and again).

I conceptually

📚 [.md & .ipynb] Series of Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning, including Mathematics Fundamentals, Python Practices, NLP Application, etc. 💫 人工智能与深度学习实战,数理统计篇 | 机器学习篇 | 深度学习篇 | 自然语言处理篇 | 工具实践 Scikit & Tensoflow & PyTorch 篇 | 行业应用 & 课程笔记

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