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Zefferis commented Dec 7, 2018

What behaviour is expected:

Proper tab complete for alias commands from commands.yml
The /give command is shared between EssentialsX and Vanilla; ideal fix would be assigning it an alias in the commands.yml file to direct /give to the /minecraft:give command, and retain tab completion to the alias.

What behaviour is observed:

Tab completion for /give only provides usernames,

MairwunNx commented Oct 29, 2019

Just localization contributors megathread 🌍

👋 We welcome new contributors to the organization or repository! Localization is very important to us, it expands our reach for Project Essentials modifications.

All localization file storing in src/main/resources/assets/projectessentialspermissions/lang path with json format, and have naming style en_us and ru_ru for example.


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