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一个C-S模版,该模版由三部分的程序组成,一个服务端运行的程序,一个客户端运行的程序,还有一个公共的组件,实现了基础的账户管理功能,版本控制,软件升级,公告管理,消息群发,共享文件上传下载,批量文件传送功能。具体的操作方法见演示就行。本项目的一个目标是:提供一个基础的中小型系统的C-S框架,客户端有三种模式,无缝集成访问,winform版本,wpf版本, mvc版本,方便企业进行中小型系统的二次开发和个人学习。同时网络组件方便的支持读写三菱和西门子PLC的数据,详细见Readme

  • Updated Feb 7, 2019
  • C#

This is an IoT device communication protocol implementation client, which will include common industrial communication protocols such as mainstream PLC communication reading, ModBus protocol, and Bacnet protocol. This component is open source and free for life, using the most relaxed MIT open source agreement, you can modify and commercial use at will (commercial use please evaluate and test). 这是一个物联网设备通讯协议实现客户端,将会包括主流PLC通信读取、ModBus协议、Bacnet协议等常用工业通讯协议。本组件终身开源免费,采用最宽松的MIT开源协议,您可以随意修改和商业使用(商业使用请做好评估和测试)。

  • Updated Sep 18, 2021
  • C#

LECPServer 全称 Leanboard Equipment Communication Proxy Server 是一款基于 JLean 框架开发的高性能工业用组态服务软件,可以通过该组态软件,链接市面上90%的PLC,通过HTTP协议通联PLC的读写,使用户能够通过一个直观的用户界面来连接,管理,监视和控制不同的自动化设备和软件应用程序.

  • Updated Sep 13, 2021
  • JavaScript
Roald87 commented Apr 30, 2021

After upgrading from v1.0 to v1.2 I saw that a test suite which ran without issues before, now had a lot of cycle overruns. After some investigation I noticed that there is a parameter to set the maximum number of assertions. For v1.0 this was at 500 and for v1.2 it is at 1000. Even when I set the parameter the same for both versions, v1.0 had no issue with cycle overruns, but v1.2 did. Are assert

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