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Basic requirements

Power Requirements

Please make sure you are using the correct PSU adapter with your board. Certified PSU are available from our shop

Other Hardware Requirements

  • USB stick to flash the Operating System Installer

To be able to set up the board, you'll need ''either'':

  • Screen
  • HDMI cable (or another video cable with a HDMI adapter)
  • USB keyboard

''or'', to use the board through serial console:

  • 10-pin connector adapter
  • Serial cable

Alternative Power sources

  • If your application doesn't require a lot of power, the UP board and UP Squared could also be powered through the 5V HAT pins
  • (Early innovators only) pre-production revisions of the boards should only be powered through the DC jack.

Setup guides



This page will explain how to install Microsoft Windows 10 on any board from the UP Series.

It is assumed that the UP board is connected to a screen via HDMI cable and it has a mouse and keyboard also connected.

  • Visit the download section to get a copy of the Microsoft Windows 10 Drivers package for your board from the UP Series.
  • Then you can download the media creation tool from the official MS Windows website and follow the instructions provided by Microsoft to create a USB installer for Windows 10 to setup your system.

Complete Windows Setup tutorial for UP Series

NOTE: Section is WIP

Videos and Tutorials from our Community: