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UP Robotic Development Kit QSG

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This Getting Started Guide is for UP Robotic Development Kits

Compatibility List:

  • UP Squared 6000 Robotic Development Kit --> The software is pre-installed in this product
  • UP Xtreme i11 Robotic Development Kit --> The software is pre-installed in this product

Hardware Setup

To assemble the Robot follow the the steps from UP Robotic Development Kit HW Assembly Guide

First Setup

To complete the setup, you will also need the following:

  • Monitor
  • HDMI cable (or another video cable with a HDMI adapter)
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • PSU (see following chapter)

Power Supply

The kit comes with two Power Supply included.

  • 12V8A PSU for UP Xtreme i11
  • 12V6A PSU for UP Squared 6000
  • 12V5A PSU for Motor Control board

Alternatively you can refer to the UP Robotic Development Kit Power Management Guide to power your UP Robotic Evaluation kit via battery.

Start using the UP Robotic Development Kit

Once the system is booted, you can login with the following credentials

username: devkit

password: devkit

You can then refer to the tutorial for Getting Started with your UP Robotic Development Kit with the Wandering Sample Application

Reinstalling the Software

You may follow these procedures when you want to reinstall the Software on your UP Robotic Evaluation kit.

Operating System installation

Intel Edge Insight for Autonomous Mobile Robots installation

Please select "Up Xtreme i11 Robotic Kit" when selecting the download option