LEAP Tutorial

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LEAP Tutorial

Installing CAD tools

LEAP orchestrates many CAD tools as a part of its integrated build flow. For LEAP to use these tools, they must be installed and available in your executable path. LEAP attempts to make use of vendor-specific environment variables for its internal tool management. Generally, new environment variables need not be set, with the exception of those listed below.

Supported CAD tools

LEAP supports the following build tools:

  • Bluespec
  • ISE
  • Synplify
  • Vivado
  • Vivado_HLS (partial)
  • Quartus II
  • VCS
  • IVerilog

LEAP Environment Variables

This space intentionally left blank.

Installing LEAP

The first step in installing LEAP is installing AWB. AWB is a build management system, which LEAP uses to organize user projects. Once AWB is installed, you can proceed to checkout the core LEAP libraries:

awb-shell create workspace tutorial
awb-shell checkout package leap
awb-shell checkout package leap-platforms
awb-shell checkout package leap-multifpga

LEAP’s core libraries are installed, and we can now proceed to building a test application.

Running Hello World

Once LEAP is installed, these slides give a detailed description of building and running the Hello Wolrd program.

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