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React Native Apps

React Native Apps is a showcase of only open source React Native apps. These apps do not have to be published to the App Store or anything, they are simply here to showcase work from within the community, and to help React Native developers by seeing how others are building and structuring their applications.

To get your project added, please submit a pull request.

Open Source React Native Apps

Facebook F8 App - Facebook Official F8 Open Source App

Hide The Notch - A wallpaper app to hide the iPhone X notch

RSG Chess - Open source chess game built from scratch for the web and adapted for Android using React Native

Pocat - Organize casual poker games

Cryptobullography - Cryptocurrency converter, manager and tracker.

Equation Solver - A cross-platform equation solver that solves linear, quadratic, and cubic equation. Also solves two and three variables simultaneous equation. Heavily typed with typescript.

Boostnote Mobile - Markdown notepad for programmers!

Gas/Oil Mix Ratio Calculator - Mobile app which calculate Gasoline/Oil mix ratio for 2 stroke engines.

ndash - your npm dashboard!

Chain React Conf by Infinite Red - Official Conference App for the Chain React Conference

Hacker Buzz - A Hacker News Reader App

Joplin - a note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

ComicBook liyuechun Cool comic books, supporting iOS and Android.

Canvas Teacher - Instructure

Daily Prices - Google Play Store
AN Solutions
Daily Prices is an app for showing updated daily products prices in Egypt, Gold and sliver prices and Currency exchange for major banks in Egypt.

What the Thing? - Point camera at things to learn how to say them in a different language.

F1 Stats - Google Play Store
Srdjan Prpa
F1 Stats for statistics drivers and teams, calendar of race and results.

Status (Github)
Status Holdings
A web3 browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralised world of Ethereum. Android & iOS.

React Native Sidemenu Darde A complete template for React Native apps with sidemenu.

Asa Miller
iPhone app built with React Native for viewing houses for sale in the Northwest

DuckDuckGo (Unofficial) Kuldeep Singh Unofficial DuckDuckGo App in React-Native.

SwipeHunt for Product Hunt A fun minimalistic unofficial client for Product Hunt. crna + expo + native-base

Feline for Product Hunt
A beautiful, Open Source unofficial Android app for Product Hunt. Try it here

Floaty Plane
Flappy bird, but with a paper airplane. Try it here

React Native for Curious People

A simple Pomodoro timer for Exponent. Try it here

Growler Prowler Exponent Find craft beer in Vancouver! Collect em all. Looks pretty. Try it here

Breakout Exponent Uses Three.js via EXGL (an implementation of WebGL for Exponent) for a semi-3d take on the classic Breakout game. Built for Exponent's internal Game Jam. Try it here

React Native NBA App
Wang Zixiao
Cool NBA App written in RN

The RNTester showcases React Native views and modules.

Multiple Apps by Christopher Dro
Christopher Dro

Native Component List
Brent Vatne
Demonstrates a variety of components built into React Native and Exponent. Try it here

React Native Github Notetaker Tyler Mcginnis
React Native app using the Github API

House Control
Jordan Byron
React Native port of sinatra based alarm_keypad project

Hacker News React Native
Hacker News iOS and Android App - Made with React Native.

Zhihu Daily React Native
A Zhihu Daily( App client implemented using React Native (Android and iOS).

React Native Example using Instagram
Bart Gryszko
ReactNative iOS app that fetches your current location and display Intstagram photos that were made near to you.

React Native Movies App
React Native app that lets you search for your movies and series.

iOS's Stocks App clone written in React Native.

Beer Calculator App
React Native versions of BeerCalculator

Fraser Xu
SoundCloud client written in React Native and Redux

React Native Calculator
Mobile, desktop and website Calculator Apps with the same code

Realtime Framework
Enterprise mobile app using React Native and the Realtime Platform

Guess Famous People Game
Dimitri Mikadze
IOS and Android mobile app "Guess famous people" built on React Native

FlexBox Froggy
Jason Brown
A game for learning flexbox

Ziliun React Native
Sonny Lazuardi
Ziliun article reader android app built with React Native

React Native Counter
Minimal implement of redux counter example on ReactNative iOS and Android
C. T. Lin

React Native Hacker News
James Friend
React Native Hacker News app

React Native Reddit Reader
Reddit reader for iOS, made with React-Native.

React Native Premier League
An unofficial Premier League browser developed with react native

React Native Meteor
Harrison Harnisch
An example that brings Meteor and React Native together (via Objective-DDP and the React Native Bridge)

Meteor Chat
Thomas Goldenberg
Simple example of live chat through a Meteor server on both iOS and Android with React Native

TaskRabbit's React Native Sample App
Example app in React Native: sort of like twitter/tumblr

React Native Meteor Websocket Polyfill
Harrison Harnisch
An example that brings Meteor and React Native together (via WebSocket polyfill)

React Native iTunes Connect
Howard Yang
Unofficial iTunes Connect App

React Native Gallery
Instagram clone. A multi-user gallery app, with file uploads.

Build React Native
A developer-focused Meetup clone built with React Native

Reactive 2015 - Ken Wheeler
Ken Wheeler
Reactive2015 Contest Entry for Reactive Conference

Reactive 2015 - Jason Brown
Jason Brown
Reactive2015 Contest Entry for Reactive Conference

Reactive 2015 - Daniele Zannotti
Daniele Zannotti Reactive2015 Contest Entry for Reactive Conference

Reactive 2015 - Alexey
Reactive2015 Contest Entry for Reactive Conference

Satya & Alexey
Pokédex app for Pokémon GO

iReading App Write In React-Native(Studying and Programing)

June Domingo
Discover movies and tv shows

Przemek Sobstel
Short-term memory training game

Lim Chee Aun
A simply readable Hacker News app

Urban Dictionary
Edwin Bosire
An urban dictionary client.

React Native Netflix
Mario Diez
Netflix App clone

PÜL Juwan Wheatley A carpooling app designed for students to help each other get more involved in their community.

Location Saver
Vasilis Kortsimelidis
Save your location and get directions to it later. Google Play link

Thousanday - Homepage for pets
Paul Bao
Photo sharing social app for pets (Instagram/Facebook for pets). Google Play

Clean Timetable - App Store
Dennis Hellweg
Clean and simple timetable app for iOS.

Vernon Pearson Rejoice hackers and makers! A music library that talks to your bluetooth devices

Gitter Mobile
Unofficial (chat for GitHub) client for iOS and Android, read more

Personal finance assistance, read more

SplitCloud - App Store
Giulio Dellorbo
Double Music player - share your headphones and play two different tracks from SoundCloud® using one device.

GitPoint - Google Play, iTunes
A beautiful mobile GitHub client for both iOS and Android.

PxView - Google Play
HK Kuah
An unofficial Pixiv app client for Android and iOS

Ruk-A-Tuk - Google Play, iTunes
Akil Burgess
The official app for Ruk-A-Tuk Promotions - London's most innovative Caribbean themed parties!

React Native app/version of Noisli's core functionality! Read more

thecatnatice - Google Play
The unofficial client. Random cat photos and gifs feed.

Get breaking news headlines with short description filtered by your interests and country preferences.

Zulip Mobile - The official mobile client for Zulip - powerful open source team chat.

Mattermost Mobile Applications - The official React Native mobile clients for Mattermost an open source workplace messaging solution.

Online Wallpapers
Mohamed Feddad
Android wallpapers manager built with react-native and utlizes reddit api.

RebelGamer Mobile App
Mobile app for the gaming blog

Pride in London App - Official events app for Pride in London