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How to update your settings.txt file with new variables

Jeffrey Gilliam edited this page Sep 15, 2016 · 2 revisions

Each new release may have new commented entries added to the default settings.txt file. The problem is, that file is only written to your "Documents/SIMRacingApps" folder if it doesn't already exist. The new entries cannot be seen in your file, because I don't want to overwrite your custom settings.

There are 2 ways to get the new stuff in your file.

Easiest: Get newest file and reapply your customizations.

  1. Close down the server.
  2. In the "Documents/SIMRacingApps" folder, rename your settings.txt file to something else, like "settings.2016-02-17.txt".
  3. Restart the server. It will create a new settings.txt file with all the updated comments, but with the default values.
  4. Manually copy/paste your custom settings from your backup file to the new settings.txt file.
  5. Restart the server.

Expert: Copy new variables from the default.settings.txt file.

You can also do this the other way around and copy new variables and comments from the default.settings.txt file into yours. Open the source file settings.txt with Notepad.

  1. Close down the server.
  2. Copy/Paste the new stuff to your "Documents/SIMRacingApps/settings.txt" file. Save the file.
  3. Restart the server.
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