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How to setup iRacing in Windowed Mode

Jeffrey Gilliam edited this page Mar 30, 2018 · 11 revisions

iRacing can be configured to run in Windowed Mode and still be full screen. This will allow Electron to put the widgets on top of the SIM's screen anywhere you want them and they will stay on top.

To do this, in your Documents\iRacing\app.ini file, set the following variables. Please keep a backup copy of this file before you change it for reference. This example is for 1 monitor.

Note: Only edit this file when iRacing is not running. Otherwise, when it exits, it will overwrite your changes to what they were when it first launched.


[Graphics DX11]
fullScreen=0                   ;0=windowed mode, 1=full screen mode (other variables are not used in full screen mode)
border=0                       ;0=no borders or header, 1=header visible.
reduceFramerateWhenFocusLost=0 ;Set to zero so iRacing will not slow down while clicking an App
windowedMaximized=1            ;if borders are off, this is the only way to get to maximize.
windowedXPos=0                 ;locate the window on the display you want it maximized on.
windowedYPos=0                 ;locate the window on the display you want it maximized on.
windowedWidth=1920             ;optional, will only be used if not maximized. Set to your dimension.
windowedHeight=1080            ;optional, will only be used if not maximized. Set to your dimension.

muteWhenFocusLost=0            ;set this to 0 to hear sim sounds when another program has the keyboard focus

Auto Hide Window's Task Bar

If the task bar is in the way, you can get windows to hide it by following these steps. To use it later, just point at where the task bar would be and it will temporarily unuhide it.

  1. Right click on the Window's Task Bar and select "Task Bar Settings".
  2. Turn on the option to "Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode".

Triple Screens

Windows combines your monitors

If Windows has combined your monitors into one monitor, the only thing you will change from above is the following.

[Graphics DX11]
windowedWidth=5760             ;optional, will only be used if not maximized. Set to your dimension.
deviceIdx=0                    ;which adapter. Depends on how many monitors you have. If 0 doesn't work, try 1.
                               ;This is also used in fullscreen mode, so you probably do not have to change it.

Windows sees multiple monitors

If Windows sees your monitors as separate monitors, you will want your windowedXPos and windowedYPos to be on the left most monitor of your triples. 0,0 will be the monitor that is set as your main. Assuming your resolution is 1920 x 1080 and your main monitor is the middle monitor, then the windowedXPos will be "-1920".

I have 4 monitors in the following configuration. All of them are 1920 x 1080.


"A" is set as my main monitor. That means I have to set my X,Y as.

windowedXPos=-1920                      	; Window top left corner in windowed mode
windowedYPos=1080                       	; Window top left corner in windowed mode

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