Contributing Via Email

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If for some reason you’re not keen on getting a GitHub account and forking Bricolage in order to contribute, you can still contribute to Bricolage the old-fashioned way. Here’s what to do:

First, clone the public copy of the core repository directly:

git clone git://

Now go ahead and make your changes as described in Contributing a Bug Fix. Once you’ve got things where you want them, you’ll need to generate a patch to send to the developers mail list (subscribe here). Git conveniently provides git-format-patch for this purpose:

git format-patch origin

This will extract all commits in the current branch but not in the origin branch and save them in multiple files, one per commit, formatted to resemble UNIX mailbox format. You can then use git-send-mail to send the patches off to the mail list. There, a core developer can integrate them as appropriate with git-am.

As of this writing, no one has done this yet, so please feel free to fill in details based on your experiences.

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