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These are the documents you should be familiar with if you intend to do Bricolage development. It’s not as overwhelming as it looks: Just start with something simple and work your way up!

  • Working with Git: This will get you set up with a GitHub account, fork the project, and clone it to your local disk.
  • Contributing a Bug Fix: Takes you through the basic steps to fix a bug in the master branch :formerly called trunk and push it up to GitHub.
  • Build Aliases: Useful shell aliases to quickly and non-interactively rebuild a Bricolage installation.
  • Git Hacks: Cool tricks. Please add your own!
  • Contributing via Email: In case you don’t want a GitHub account. Needs filling in by someone who actually decides to work this way.
  • Creating a Release: How to create and test a tarball, where to upload it, and where to send announcements.
  • Debugging: Tips to debug issues with Bricolage.