Performance Tuning

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Performance Tuning

Bricolage has two separate profiling systems that you can use to extract performance data:

  • To run Bricolage under the Devel::Profiler module set the PROFILE variable on in your bricolage.conf file and restart your server. This will create a profiler/$$/tmon.out file in your Apache log directory for each server process. You can use dprofpp to analyze these files after the server has been stopped with bric_apachectl stop. See the Devel::Profiler documentation for more details.
  • The database profiler is activated by enabling the DBI_PROFILE option in bricolage.conf. This causes database profiling traces to be written to the Apache error log during requests. You can then use bric_dbprof to analyze these trace. See bric_dbprof for details.

CAUTION: Neither of these options is appropriate for a production system.

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