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An inset can be any little box or sidebar. uses these
extensively. See all of the little boxes in this story:

(Note: “technology” is the category and “google” is the slug)

Pull Quote

A pull quote is usually one important line or quote in a story that is
blown up with a bigger font in an inset box to grab the reader’s
attention. It just helps to break up the text if your page is going to
look very texty.

These terms are taken from an email I received when I first joined the Bricolage mailing list, credit for these examples goes to Marshall Roch, who sent me the reply, I simply pasted them into this wiki page.

— Bric.StuartGrimshaw – 25 Apr 2005


  • Part of the headline which summarises the story. Also known as deck copy or bank.
  • A sentence or few sentences below a headline, a deck summarizes the article.

— Matt Rolf

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