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A curated list of awesome resources for open source robotics
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A list of resources, projects and products usefull for robot electronics

If you have additions, please open an issue or pull-request.

Open Source Modules & Subsystem

Motor drivers



Computer Vision

  • OpenMV - OpenMV, an embedded CV Module (CMOS Sensor with STM32)
  • PX4Flow - PX4Flow, Optical Flow Sensor

Battery Management

FPGA based

  • LOA - Loa is a framework designed to build specialized IO subsystems.
  • Snickerdoodle - Snickerdoodle is a Zynq based System-on-Module
  • Logi-Bone - FPGA & Beaglebone, also some VHDL modules relevant to robotics available

Bus Systems


  • OpenSimpleLidar - Open Hardware scanning laser rangefinder
  • OSLRF-01 - An open source laser range sensor using time-of-flight

Projects with open and reuseable designs

Open Source Project

  • MORPH on GitHub - Modular platform for open robotics development. Supports ROS and uses VESC.
  • Evezor - Evezor is an open source SCARA class robotic manufacturing platform
  • Octanis Rover - Octanis Rover Projects Electronics
  • OAP - Open Automaton Project (Source Repo inactive since 2008)
  • Linorobot - A suite of Open Source ROS compatible robots GIT
  • Bobble-Bot - Demo robot for real-time control using Rpi, RT Linux, and ROS.
  • StanfordDoggoProject - 8-DoF quadruped robot
  • Pulurobots - Open Source mobile service robot

Robot Competitions

  • CVRA - CVRA's Github repositories (Eurobot Team)
  • RCA - RCA Github repositories (Eurobot Team)
  • APBTeam - A Eurobot Team with opensource robot design

University Projects, Thesis work, etc.

  • Litter Bot - Autonomous litter collecting robot (using OpenCV, Rpi and AVR)
  • Zynq + OV7670 - Student project using Zynq and image sensor (OV7670)
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