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z3dev commented Jan 10, 2021

Expected Behavior

The serializer should be able to

  • Serialize geom3 to IndexedTriangleSet
    • Support colors on polygons, translating to Color
  • Serialize geom2 to IndexedLineSet or LineSet
  • Serialize path2 to IndexedLineSet or LineSet
  • Support UNIT in header
  • Support colors on geometries, translating to Appearance
    • Material emissiveColor

Actual Behavior

The current se

hellock commented Jul 13, 2020

We keep this issue open to collect feature requests from users and hear your voice. Our monthly release plan is also available here.

You can either:

  1. Suggest a new feature by leaving a comment.
  2. Vote for a feature request with 👍 or be against with 👎. (Remember that developers are busy and cannot respond to all feature requests, so vote for your most favorable one!)
  3. Tell us that you wo
jamesleesaunders commented Mar 18, 2019


d3-x3dom has a mix of tape and mocha unit tests. The aim is to convert all tests to mocha.


2 tests (indexTest.js and dataTransformTest.js) have already been converted and mocha has been added to package.json

  • Convert remaining tests to mocha ensuring thay all still pass.
  • Remove tape and tap-spec from package.json.
  • Update to remo

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