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highvoltaged commented May 9, 2018

Padding for selection obeys masked items sizes, it shouldn't

Bug report

If a group contains a masked element, that is larger than the mask, the padding obeys the masked item size, instead of the mask size.

Expected behavior:

Masked items should always be padded to the mask size.

Steps to reproduce:

Mask a bigger rectangle with a smaller one.
Add padding.
Padding is calc

alexkaessner commented Sep 30, 2016

The current version only includes the most important UI elements. I'm thinking about making a full macOS Sierra UI Kit with all UI elements, a Sketch template and so on.

Would you like to see something like this?

Show me a reaction if you are interested in a bigger update. 👍

**Edit: I'm planing to release the full kit with the coming High Sierra update…for more details take a look at the

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