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Awesome Blazor Awesome

A collection of awesome Blazor resources.

Blazor is a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.

Contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines pages first. Thanks to all contributors, you're awesome and wouldn't be possible without you!

If you need to search on this list you can try this great website: Awesome Blazor Browser. Thanks @jsakamoto for this! Source code stars last commit.


.NET Conf 2023 (November 14-16, 2023).

  • .NET Conf has been a virtual event since the beginning, and this year we’re celebrating our 13th online conference. We always strive to create a world class, engaging, virtual experience for all our attendees no matter where they are. Over the years we've expanded our content and our reach. We now draw over 100 thousand live viewers and sponsor hundreds of local events around the world.
  • More info on

ASP.NET COMMUNITY STANDUP - New Blazor updates in .NET 8 RC2 (October 10, 2023).

  • Join us to learn about what Blazor has to offer in .NET 8 RC2! We'll also be addressing some of your questions about Blazor from the last community standup.
  • More info on


What is Blazor?

Blazor is a .NET web framework to build client web apps with C#.

Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C#, allowing you to share code and libraries. More information on the official Blazor website.

Get started

To get started with Blazor, follow the instructions in the Blazor Get Started documentation.

Doing the Build a web app with Blazor learning session on Microsoft Learn can also be a good idea. Another great resource to start is the beginner serie by Jeff Fritz on Channel9 or YouTube.



  • BitPlatform Templates - stars last commit - Solution templates using .Net MAUI and Blazor with out-of-the-box best practices enabling fast and high-quality cross-platform development for web, android, iOS, and Windows with native beautiful Blazor components. The projects created by these templates contain everything required for developing real-world applications, including (but not limited to) CI/CD pipelines, Infra as Code for Azure, localization, multi-mode development (Blazor Server/WASM/Hybrid), builtin bullet proof exception handling, etc. Read more.
  • Blazor Hero - stars last commit - Clean Architecture Solution Template for Blazor WebAssembly built with MudBlazor Components. This project will make your Blazor Learning Process much easier than you anticipate. Blazor Hero is meant to be an Enterprise Level Boilerplate, which comes free of cost, completely open sourced. Read the Quick Start Guide here.
  • Blazor BFF Azure AD - stars last commit - This template can be used to create a Blazor WASM application hosted in an ASP.NET Core Web app using Azure AD and Microsoft.Identity.Web to authenticate using the BFF security architecture. (server authentication) This removes the tokens form the browser and uses cookies with each HTTP request, response. The template also adds the required security headers as best it can for a Blazor application. Read the Quick Start Guide here.
  • Blazor BFF Azure B2C - stars last commit - This template can be used to create a Blazor WASM application hosted in an ASP.NET Core Web app using Azure B2C and Microsoft.Identity.Web to authenticate using the BFF security architecture. (server authentication) This removes the tokens form the browser and uses cookies with each HTTP request, response. The template also adds the required security headers as best it can for a Blazor application. Read the Quick Start Guide here.
  • Text Editor from scratch with Blazor and C# - Serie of videos on YouTube who explain how to build your own IDE from scratch with Blazor and .NET. Starting point repo stars last commit. Blazor Studio repo stars last commit.

Sample Projects


  • Cledev.OpenAI - stars last commit .NET 7 SDK for OpenAI with a Blazor Server playground.
  • ExplainFaceRecognition - last commit Interactive Face Detection & Recognition tutorial with hands-on code samples. State-of-the-art local face AI showcase. Blazor Server & Hybrid.



  • Blogifier - GitHub stars GitHub stars .NET 5 ASP.NET Core Blogging application with Blazor Admin Dashboard. Demo.
  • eShopOnBlazor - GitHub stars last commit Migration of a traditional ASP.NET Web Forms app to Blazor.
  • JHipster.NET stars last commit JHipster is a well-known platform for generating modern application in java world. JHipster provides a blueprints system that allows to override the default behavior of the generator. JHipster.NET is a blueprint that overrides the back-end part, originally generated in spring boot, by back-end in core. For the front-end all the common language can be used (angular, react), including Blazor.
  • RapidCMS - stars last commit A code-first, extensible Blazor app that generates a CMS for your own database.
  • BlazorShop - stars Last commit Simple shop application built with Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Umbraco9 & Blazor WASM Starter Site - last commit A simple starter site for Umbraco v9, making use of Blazor WebAssembly with Tailwind CSS/UI. A project that I use to play around and experiment with Umbraco 9, Blazor WebAssembly, TailwindCSS, the Block List Editor, and several other concepts.





  • PresenceLight - stars last commit PresenceLight is a solution to broadcast your various statuses to a Phillips Hue or LIFX light bulb. Some statuses you can broadcast are: your availability in Microsoft Teams, your current Windows 10 theme, and a theme or color of your choosing. Blog post. Demo video.
  • Meadow Weather - last commit In this sample, a Meadow microcontroller polls data from a LM35 temperature sensor. That data is sent via HTTP request to an API controller endpoint and stored in a database where it can be visualized in a chart using a Blazor web app.

Machine Learning

  • Scalable sentiment analysis - stars last-commit A sample ables to make sentiment analysis prediction/detection of what the user is writing in a very UI interactive app (Blazor based) in the client side and running an ML.NET model (Sentiment analysis based on binary-classification) in the server side.
  • - stars last-commit A "server-less" general purpose optimization suite for algorithm parameters. Also provides offline optimization of Quantconnect Lean trading algorithms. Demo (
  • Baseball Machine Learning Workbench - stars last-commit A web application that showcases performing what-if analysis using in-memory Machine Learning models. Live demo.
  • BlazorML5 - last-commit ML5 Machine Learning for Blazor with JSInterop mechanism.


Rapid Development Framework

  • WalkingTec.Mvvm (WTM) - stars last commit A development framework based on .NET Core and EF. It supports Blazor, Vue, React and LayUI with one click code generation for CRUD, Import/Export, etc. Website.


  • TodoApi by David Fowler - stars last commit Todo application by David Fowler in .NET 7 that features an ASP.NET Core hosted Blazor WASM front end application and an ASP.NET Core REST API backend using minimal APIs.
  • Bolero.TodoMVC - GitHub stars GitHub stars A TodoMVC clone using Bolero.
  • ididit! - stars last commit The procrastination friendly habit tracker. ake notes, manage tasks, track habits. Demo.


  • CleanArchitecture - stars last commit Clean Architecture Template for Blazor WebAssembly Built with MudBlazor Components.
  • BlazorSSR - stars last commit Server-side rendering (SSR) with Blazor components, by Steve Sanderson.
  • Oqtane Framework - GitHub stars GitHub stars Modular Application Framework for Blazor.
  • Flight Finder - stars last commit Flight Finder.
  • LinqToTwitter Blazor sample - stars last commit LINQ Provider for the Twitter API (Twitter Library).
  • BlazorFileReader - GitHub stars GitHub stars Read-only File streams in Blazor. Demo.
  • eShopOnBlazor - GitHub stars last commit Migration of a traditional ASP.NET Web Forms app to Blazor.
  • BlazorChatSample - stars last commit Blazor chat demo using SignalR JS client with interop.
  • Blazor.SVGEditor - stars last commit A basic HTML SVG Editor written in Blazor WASM.
  • Netflix microfrontend like - stars last commit A netflix-like portal application with pilets. This sample demonstrates the use of piral to build a dynamic app consisting of various micro frontends. Demo.
  • Command and Control, by David Fowler - stars GitHub stars This is a sample using Blazor server and SignalR to do command and control. Agents connect to the blazor server application which is hosting a SignalR Hub and we can issue various commands against the connected agents (this feature uses client results).
  • BlazorCRUD - stars GitHub stars Sample line of business application that illustrates key features of Blazor. Demo.
  • Money - stars last commit A money manager implemented using CQRS+ES. Demo.
  • Blazor Weather - stars last commit A Blazor Weather sample app that shows the current weather for your current location and a collection of pinned locations. Demonstrated at .NET Conf 2019 by Daniel Roth. Demo.
  • Blazor.SVGEditor - stars last commit A basic HTML SVG Editor written in Blazor WASM. Demo.
  • NethereumBlazor - GitHub stars GitHub stars Ethereum blockchain explorer and simple wallet.
  • FFmpegBlazor - stars last-commit FFmpegBlazor provides ability to utilize ffmpeg.wasm from Blazor Wasm C#. ffmpeg.wasm stars last-commit is a pure Webassembly / Javascript port of FFmpeg. It enables video & audio record, convert and stream right inside browsers.
  • Blazor Studio - stars last-commit A free and open source IDE written using .NET - a Photino host, Blazor UI, and C#.
  • Blazor.MediaCaptureStreams - stars last-commit A Blazor wrapper for the Media Capture and Streams browser API. The API standardizes ways to request access to local multimedia devices, such as microphones or video cameras. This also includes the MediaStream API, which provides the means to control where multimedia stream data is consumed, and provides some information and configuration options for the devices that produce the media. This project implements a wrapper around the API for Blazor so that we can easily and safely interact with the media streams of the browser. Demo.
  • Planning PokerLast commit An app to play Planning Poker for distributed teams. The app is implemented using Blazor and shows how to switch between client-side and server-side mode with a configuration change. Demo.
  • C# Regex Tester online - Last commit Online tool for verify .Net regex syntax. (Demo).
  • C# Regex Online tool - Last commit Online tool for verify .Net regex syntax, see splits list, table etc. (Demo).
  • Blazor Tour of Heroes - Blazor Tour of Heroes, using Blazor-State(State Management architecture utilizing the MediatR pipeline) for the Redux style state.
  • Blazor.Text.Editor - Last commit Blazor.Text.Editor is a Text Editor component library using the Blazor UI Framework for .NET. Demo.
  • Blazor Wake-on-LAN - Last commit Wake-on-LAN app for local networks. Blazor Server + EF Core + DI + CI.
  • BlazingWaffles - last commit A Blazor app that wraps Waffle Generator. The generator outputs readable gibberish that can be used in place of Lorum Ipsum. Demo.
  • Nethereum Playground - last commit Compile and run Nethereum snippets on the browser. You can run it here:
  • TypinExamples - last commit A sample project that demonstrates the usage of Typin framework with a Blazor SPA application (Xterm.js and custom web workers implementation in C# to emulate terminal experience in browser). Live demo.
  • Unofficial eShopOnContainers - last commit Unofficial Blazor WebAssembly client for eShopOnContainers.
  • UpBlazor - GitHub stars - last commit Blazor Server integrating with Up bank (an Australian digital bank), to assist users with budgeting and to gain powerful future insights. Uses Clean Architecture and Marten DB.
  • WordTester - last commit An application for learning foreign words using flashcards and spaced repetition.
  • Css in Blazor presentation's source code - last commit Source code of a presentation by Ed Charbeneau about Blazor and CSS.
  • BlazorViz interop wrapper for Viz.js - last commit A sample of generating Graphviz DOT language files and visualising tree data structures. Demo.
  • BlazorServerImageRecognitionApp - last commit Simple Blazor Server app which uses image recognition to identify and extract text printed in an image file uploaded by the user. Demo.
  • FootballBlazorApp - last commit Simple Football Blazor Server web app displaying fixtures & results, group standings, teams & players and has a player search. Demo.
  • ComponentBuilder - last commit - GitHub Repo stars An automation framework to create Blazor component by RenderTreeBuilder.
  • Moldinium - last commit MobX-style dependency tracking in Blazor (proof-of-concept level maturity)


Libraries & Extensions

Reusable components like buttons, inputs, grids and more. See also the Blazor component bundles feature comparison chart.

Component bundles

  • FAST - GitHub stars last commit GitHub licence FAST is a collection of technologies built on Web Components and modern Web Standards, designed to help you efficiently tackle some of the most common challenges in website and application design and development. FAST & Blazor documentation.
  • Ant Design Blazor - GitHub stars last commit A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Blazor. (Docs as Demo).
  • MudBlazor - stars last commit MudBlazor is an ambitious Material Design component framework for Blazor with an emphasis on ease of use and clear structure. It is perfect for .NET developers who want to rapidly build web applications without having to struggle with CSS and Javascript. MudBlazor, being written entirely in C#, empowers them to adapt, fix or extend the framework and the multitude of examples in the documentation makes learning MudBlazor very easy. Documentation. Demo.
  • Blazorise - GitHub stars last commit Components for Blazor with support for Bootstrap, Bulma, AntDesign and Material CSS. (Bootstrap Demo), (Bulma Demo), (AntDesign Demo), (Material Demo).
  • MASA Blazor - stars last commit A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Material Design and Blazor. It's an almost perfect copy of Vuetify, and Long-term roadmaps have been mapped out. It is powered by the MASA team and remains free and open source. Documentation. Pro Demo.
  • Radzen.Blazor - GitHub stars last commit Native UI components for Blazor. DataGrid, DataList, Tabs, Dialog and more. (Demo).
  • BlazorStrap - GitHub stars last commit Material Design components for Blazor. Bootstrap 4 components for Blazor (Demo).
  • BootstrapBlazor - stars last commit Reusable bootstrap components for Blazor. (Docs as Demo).
  • BlazorBootstrap - stars last commit High-performance, lightweight, and responsive blazor bootstrap components in a single package from the developers for the developers. (Docs as Demo).
  • FAST Blazor - GitHub stars last commit A lightweight wrapper around Microsoft's official FluentUI Web Components for use with .NET 6.0 Razor views & Blazor. (Samples & demo).
  • Element-Blazor - GitHub stars last commit A blazor component library using Element UI. API imitates Element, CSS directly uses Element's style, HTML structure directly uses Element's HTML structure. Blazor WebAssembly Version demo. Blazor WebAssembly Version PWA Mode demo.
  • BlazorFluentUI - stars last commit Simple port of FluenUI/Office Fabric React components and style to Blazor. Client-side demo (WebAssembly). Server-side demo (SignalR).
  • ComponentOne Blazor UI Components - External link. A fast datagrid, listview, input and other native Blazor components for server and client-side apps.
  • DevExpress Blazor UI Components - stars last commit A set of native UI Blazor components (including a Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Scheduler, and Charts) for both Blazor server-side and Blazor client-side platforms.
  • Syncfusion Blazor UI Components - GitHub stars last commit The most comprehensive native Blazor component library including Data Grid, Charts, Scheduler, Diagram and Document Editor components. (Demo).
  • ADMINLTE - stars last commit ADMINLTE for Blazor is a collection of reusable components, with which you can easily develop digital services as a designer or developer. Think of buttons, form elements and page templates. This project adapts ADMINLTE 3 so the components can be used from dotnet core Blazor.
  • Blazority - GitHub stars last commit Blazor component library based on the Clarity UI design. 30+ components including Datagrid and Tree-view (Docs & Demos).
  • Makani - GitHub stars last commit Lightweight, customizable, and performance oriented component library for Blazor and .NET MAUI Hybrid. Built with TailwindCSS. Demo.
  • Material.Blazor - stars last commit An alternative Material Theme Razor Component Library. Material.Blazor focuses sharply on giving you pure markup from Google's material-components-web - we don't try to sit between you and your use of Google's CSS and SASS because they do it better than we ever could. We also have some cool "plus" components. See our demo and comprehensive documentation.
  • Majorsoft Blazor Components - GitHub last commit GitHub Repo stars Majorsoft Majorsoft Blazor Components is a set of UI Components and other useful Extensions for Blazor applications. All components are free and available on NuGet. The main goal of this project is to provide an easy to use, feature reach set of customizable components with other useful extensions. NuGet Demo app Docs.
  • MComponents - stars last commit Open Source MIT Blazor Components: Grid, Select, Wizard etc.
  • PanoramicData Blazor UI Components - stars last commit An open source library of Blazor components including Table, Tree, ToolBar and FileExplorer. Demo.
  • HAVIT Blazor - GitHub stars last commit Bootstrap 5 components + additional components built on top of Bootstrap 5 (grid, autosuggest, message-boxes, atc.). Enterprise project template with gRPC code-first client/server communication, localization and more. Interactive documentation & Demos.
  • Blazority - GitHub stars last commit Blazor component library based on the Clarity UI design. 30+ components including Datagrid and Tree-view (Docs & Demos).
  • Telerik UI for Blazor - External link ( A native set of UI components for Blazor, including grid, charting, and calendar components.
  • Start Blazoring - A Blazor starter template built using your choice of Blazorise or MudBlazor, with more UI library integration coming. It offers a myriad of features such as user registration, login, password reset, two factor; user management, roles, permissioning; background workers, logging, caching, email templates, localization and many more.
  • Smart UI for Blazor - last commit Component library for Blazor including Grid, Kanban, Gantt, Chart, Docking, Pivot and more. Website.
  • TabBlazor - last commit Blazor Admin theme built on top of Tabler UI. Minimal javascript. Demo.
  • Blazor.Ionic - GitHub stars last commit Ionic framework integration for Blazor.
  • Blazor Controls Toolkit - Complete toolset for implementing commercial business applications. It includes the equivalent of all Bootstrap JavaScript components, all html5 input types with widgets fallbacks, advanced editable components like DataGrid, TreeView, DetailView, ModalDetail, DetailList. All components have default customizable templates, and support virtualizazion and Drag & Drop. Component rendering is meta-data driven, so component configuration is in part automatic, and in part can be driven with data annotations. The toolset includes also query tools, to issue complex local or remote queries, changes-tracking tools to send only the changed records to the server, advanced validation attributes, globalization tools, "Behaviors" that modify existing components, state management and save, and more.
  • BlazorOcticons - last commit Github Octicons created as a .razor components and available via the NuGet package. The project website is an example using the generated components.
  • Nevron Open Vision Components for Blazor - Paid External link Diagram, Chart, Text Editor, Gauge, Barcode, and User Interface components for Blazor. Demo.
  • CodeBeam.MudExtensions - stars last commit Useful third party extension components for MudBlazor, from the contributors. +20 components includes Stepper, SpeedDial, Wheel, Splitter, Animate, Popup, Material 3 Switch, Gallery, CodeInput and more. Documentation.

Individual components

2D/3D Rendering engines

  • BabylonBlazor - GitHub stars last commit This library packages the well-known 3D library Babylon.js into a Razor component that can be used in a C# Blazor project. The library is intended to use for creation of molecules visualization and used limited API of Babylon library. Demo application which is showing different parts of library Pubchem Viewer. Show chemical information from



  • ChartJs.Blazor - stars last commit Brings ChartJs charts to Blazor.
  • Blazor-ApexCharts - stars last commit Blazor wrapper for ApexCharts. Demo.
  • Plotly.Blazor - stars last commit Brings the charting library plotly.js with over 40 chart types to Blazor (Demo).
  • GG.Net Data Visualization - stars last commit Interactive and flexible charts for Blazor Web Apps. Taking its inspiration from the highly popular ggpplot2 R package, GG.Net provides natively rich features for your Data Analysis Workflow. Build publication quality charts with just a few lines of code. Website.
  • ChartJs for Blazor - stars last commit This is a NuGet package for Blazor to use ChartJs, constantly updated with new features.


  • BlazorSize - stars last commit BlazorSize is a JavaScript interop library for Blazor that is used to detect the Browser's current size, change in size, and test media queries.
  • BlazorAnimation - stars last commit A Blazor component based on animate.css to easly animate your content. Demo.
  • RazorStyle - A small utility library to allow in-component styling without duplicate <style> tags. Also supports programmatically triggered animations.


  • DexieNET - GitHub stars last commit DexieNET aims to be a feature complete .NET wrapper for Dexie.js the famous Javascript IndexedDB wrapper from David Fahlander. It's designed for Blazor and includes an easy to use Razor component.

Datagrids / tables

  • Grid.Blazor - stars last commit Grid component with CRUD forms for Blazor and ASP.NET MVC, supporting filtering, sorting, searching, paging, subgrids and others (Demo).
  • BlazorGrid - GitHub stars last commit Virtualized data grid component with lean markup, focused on displaying remote data. (Demo & documentation).

Date & time

  • BlazorDateRangePicker - stars last commit A date range picker component library for Blazor. Demo.
  • Toast_UI.Blazor_Calendar - last commit A fully featured calendar UI component for viewing and creating events, tasks, and milestones. Month, week, and daily views. Blazor Calendar wraps the fully featured Toast UI Calendar JS library. MIT License. Sample project.


Modal, Toast & Notifications

  • Blazored.Modal - GitHub stars last commit A JavaScript free modal library for Blazor and Razor Components applications.
  • Blazored.Toast - GitHub stars last commit A JavaScript free toast library for Blazor and Razor Component applications.
  • Blazor.Sidepanel - GitHub stars last commit A powerful and customizable Sidepanel implementation for Blazor applications.


  • BlazorXTabs - last commit An extended tabs component library providing various tab features for Blazor.


  • bUnit - a testing library for Blazor components - stars last commit A testing library for Blazor Components. You can easily define components under test in C# or Razor syntax and verify outcome using semantic HTML diffing/comparison logic. You can easily interact with and inspect components, trigger event handlers, provide cascading values, inject services, mock IJsRuntime, and perform snapshot testing.
  • Verify.Blazor - a snapshot testing library for Blazor components - stars last commit A snapshot testing library for Blazor Components. Supports rendering Blazor Components to a snapshot file via bunit or via raw Blazor rendering.


  • Stl.Fusion - GitHub stars last commit .NET Core and Blazor library that attempts to dramatically improve the way we implement real-time and high-load services by introducing a novel kind of "computed observables" - immutable, thread-safe, and most importantly, almost invisible for developers. Samples. Overview.
  • BlazorContextMenu - GitHub stars last commit A context menu component for Blazor (Demo).
  • Z.Blazor.Diagrams - stars last commit A fully customizable and extensible all-purpose diagrams library for Blazor, inspired by the popular react-diagrams library, with many additions. Demo.
  • Blazored.Typeahead - GitHub stars last commit Auto-complete textbox with local and remote data source, for both Client-side and Server-Side Blazor.
  • Blazor-DragDrop - stars last commit Easy-to-use Drag and Drop library for Blazor.
  • BlazorDownloadFile - stars last commit Blazor download files to the browser from c# without any JavaScript library or dependency. BlazorDownloadFile is the solution to saving files on the client-side, and is perfect for web apps that generates files on the client. However if the file is coming from the server we recommend you to first try to use Content-Disposition attachment response header as it has more cross-browser compatibility.
  • Excubo.Blazor.Diagrams - stars last commit Interactive diagram component (flowcharts, UML, BPMN, ...), customizable and extensible according to user needs (node types, styles). Demo.
  • Blazor.FileSystemAccess - stars last commit A Blazor wrapper for the browser API File System Access. The API makes it possible to read and write to your local file system from the browser both files and directories. [Demo](The API makes it possible to read and write to your local file system from the browser both files and directories.).
  • Blorc.PatternFly - stars last commit Blazor wrappers for PatternFly. To view the latest develop branch in action, visit the demo app.
  • Blazor PWA Updater - stars last commit Provide "Update Now" UI and feature to your Blazor PWA that appears when the next version of one is available.
  • BlazorTransitionableRoute - stars last commit Allows current and previous route to exist enabling transition animations of UI/UX design systems.
  • Razor.SweetAlert2 - last commit Blazor component implementing the popular SweetAlert2 JavaScript Library.
  • BlazorMonaco - last commit Blazor component for Microsoft's Monaco Editor which powers Visual Studio Code. (Demo).
  • Blazor.Grids - last commit Component library for CSS grids with extra features, such as moving and resizing interactively. Create your own dashboard with ease. (Demo).
  • Blazor.TreeViews - last commit Component library for tree views. (Demo).
  • GEmojiSharp.Blazor - last commit GitHub Emoji for Blazor (Demo).
  • Texnomic.Blazor.hCaptcha - last commit hCaptcha Component for Server-Side Blazor.
  • BlazorLocalizationSample GitHub stars last commit The default project template localized using XLocalizer with online translation and auto resource creating.
  • TimeCalc - last commit An app to help keep track of speed cubing averages on the fly using Blazor WebAssembly. Demo.
  • BlazorSliders - last commit Create multiple panels separated by sliding splitters.
  • Blazor SplitContainer - last commit A Blazor component to create panes separated by a slidable splitter bar.
  • BlazorTimeline - stars last commit Responsive, vertical timeline component.
  • BlazorTypewriter - last commit A typewriter effect for Blazor.
  • BlazorMergely - last commit An implementation of Blazor diff and merge component based on Mergely with server side support.
  • MetaMask.Blazor - last commit A library that provides an easy helper to use MetaMask with Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Blazor File Drop Zone - last commit Surround an "input type=file" element by this Blazor component to making a zone that accepts drag and drops files (Demo).
  • BlazorCurrentDevice - last commit Device detection for blazor using current-device.js.
  • BlazorStyledTextArea - last commit A textarea with style. This component essentially remains and works as a textarea but can have any of the text styled based on your application needs. Its simplicity is purposefully designed to avoid the complexities and issues that come with rich text editors.
  • SignaturePad - last commit A simple to use blazor component to draw custom signatures. Demo.
  • BlazorInputTags - last commit A simple to use blazor component for both Blazor Server and WebAssembly which adds a basic tag editor to your app. Demo.
  • BlazorTooltips - last commit An implementation of Bootstrap tooltips for both Blazor Server and WebAssembly. Demo.
  • BlazorBarcodeScanner - GitHub stars last commit Barcode Scanner component for Blazor using zxing-js Interop. Demo.

Tools & Utilities

Libraries and extensions for state management, cookies, local storage and other specific tools.

  • Fluxor - GitHub stars last commit Zero boilerplate Flux/Redux library for DotNet.
  • Blazored.LocalStorage - GitHub stars last commit A library to provide access to local storage in Blazor applications.
  • Blazor-State - GitHub stars last commit Manage client side state in Blazor using MediatR pipeline.
  • bUnit - a testing library for Blazor components - stars last commit A testing library for Blazor Components. You can easily define components under test in C# or Razor syntax and verify outcome using semantic HTML diffing/comparison logic. You can easily interact with and inspect components, trigger event handlers, provide cascading values, inject services, mock IJsRuntime, and perform snapshot testing.
  • Cropper.Blazor - GitHub stars last commit Cropper.Blazor is a component that wraps around Cropper.js for cropping images in Blazor. Support Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly, Blazor Server Hybrid with MVC and MAUI Blazor Hybrid. Demo.
  • TextCopy - GitHub stars last commit A cross platform package to copy text to and from the clipboard. Supports Blazor via the Clipboard Browser API.
  • CssBuilder - GitHub stars last commit CssBuilder is a Builder pattern for CSS classes to be used with Razor Components.
  • Blazor.FileSystemAccess - GitHub stars last commit A Blazor wrapper for the browser File System Access API.
  • Blazor.Polyfill - GitHub stars last commit Polyfills for Blazor (for Internet Explorer 11 support and some other browsers).
  • Blazor I18n/Localization Text - stars last commit Localizing contents text in Blazor (Demo).
  • BlazorGoogleMaps - stars last commit Blazor interop for GoogleMap library.
  • BlazorWorker - stars last commit Library for creating DotNet Web Worker threads/multithreading in Blazor. Live demo.
  • MvvmBlazor - stars last commit BlazorMVVM is a small framework for building Blazor and BlazorServerside apps. With it's simple to use MVVM pattern you can boost up your development speed while minimizing the hazzle to just make it work.
  • Blazor.BrowserExtension - stars last commit Develop browser extensions/addons with Blazor WebAssembly. Tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Edge.
  • Blazor Analytics - Blazor extensions for Analytics.
  • Blazor PDF - stars last-commit Generate de PDF document with iTextSharp from a Blazor Server App.
  • BlazorRouter - stars last commit BlazorRouter is an awesome router inspired by react-router, providing declarative routing for Blazor.
  • DataJuggler.Blazor.FileUpload - stars last commit Wrapper for Steve Sanderson's BlazorFileInput component.
  • BlazorPrettyCode - Blazor Code Component for documentation sites. Demo.
  • Blazor.EventAggregator - Lightweight Event Aggregator for Blazor (Razor Components).
  • Blazor Gamepad - Provides gamepad API access for Blazor.
  • Blazor Hotkeys2 - stars last commit A library to provide configuration-centric keyboard shortcuts for Blazor.
  • BlazorRealm - Redux state management for Blazor.
  • Blazor.LocalFiles - Open files in your browser and load into Blazor.
  • Blazor.SpeechSynthesis - last commit A library to provide Speech Synthesis API access for Blazor.
  • Blazor BarCode – A barcode library for Blazor using barcode fonts.
  • BlazorState.Redux - last commit Develop Blazor apps with Redux.
  • Howler.Blazor - last commit A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for Howler.js, an audio library.
  • jsMind.Blazor - last commit A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for jsMind, a MindMapping tool.
  • Blazor Highcharts - last commit A port of the popular Highcharts library. Demo.
  • Blazor.LazyStyleSheet - last commit Lazy loading for CSS style sheets.
  • Blazor.ScriptInjection - stars last commit Smart script tags in Blazor components, ideal for lazy loading of javascript files.
  • DnetIndexedDb - last commit Blazor Library for IndexedDB DOM API.
  • BlazorIndexedDbJs - last commit BlazorIndexedDbJs is a wrapper arround IndexedDB DOM API, supports Blazor WASM and Server.
  • Blazor-Color-Picker - last commit Opens a palette with the Material colors for Blazor application.
  • Blazm.Bluetooth - last commit A Blazor library for connecting to devices using Bluetooth.
  • WebBluetooth - last commit Blazor service for the experimental WebBluetooth functions. Based on Blazm.Bluetooth.
  • BlazorApplicationInsights - last commit Application Insights for Blazor web applications.
  • Blazor Printing - last-commit Print and save PDF documents with a native print dialog in a Blazor Server or client Application.
  • BlazorTemplater - last-commit Use .razor components to render HTML strings for email content.
  • MediaSession.Blazor - last-commit A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for Media Session API. The Media Session API provides a way to customize media notifications. (Demo).
  • BlazorAntivirusProtection - stars last commit Antivirus protection for Blazor Wasm projects. This package attempts to guard against false positives from antiviruses that flag Blazor Wasm as malware, until Microsoft gives us an official solution.
  • Phork.Blazor.Reactivity - stars last commit An unopinionated Blazor state management library that utilizes INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged .NET interfaces to automatically detect state changes in components.
  • CodeBeam.GoogleApis.Blazor - stars last commit An open-source utility package for GoogleApis in Blazor. Written from scratch and aims easiest of use.


  • Blazor Extensions Home - GitHub stars Home for Blazor Extensions.
  • Bolero - GitHub stars last commit Blazor for F# with hot reloaded templates, type-safe endpoints and routing, remoting, and much more.
  • BlazorFabric - GitHub stars last commit Blazor port of Microsoft UI Fabric with fluent design. (Demo).
  • BlazorWebView - GitHub stars last commit Blazor WebView control for WPF, Android, macOS, iOS. Run Blazor on .NET Core and Mono natively inside a Webview. Documentation.
  • BlazorLazyLoading - GitHub stars last commit Production ready lazy loading implementation. Full lazy loading support for WASM and Server (pages, components, dlls) with abstractions to implement modularization if you wish (custom endpoints, custom manifests, etc).
  • Fun.Blazor - stars last commit This is a project to make F# developer to write blazor easier - Use F# for Blazor, Computation expression (CE) style DSL for internal and third party blazor libraries, Dependency injection, Adaptive and Elmish models, Giraffe style routing, Type safe style.
  • Blazor.DownloadFileFast - stars last commit Fast download of files to the browser from Blazor without any javascript library reference or dependency. (Demo).
  • SpotifyService - stars last commit A high-level Spotify API library for Blazor WebAssembly projects that enables Spotify playback in the browser, manages OAuth 2.0 authorization, provides easy access to the Spotify Web API and uses IndexedDB caching.
  • Blazor.DynamicJavascriptRuntime.Evaluator - stars last commit Execute dynamic object expressions as Javascript in Blazor client-side apps.
  • Bionic - An Ionic CLI clone for Blazor projects.
  • EventHorizon Blazor TypeScript Interop Generator - last commit This project takes in a TypeScript type definition file and creates a .NET Core project that will work with the provided Interop abstraction project.
  • Generators.Blazor - last commit Generators.Blazor is a source generator for improving performance in Blazor. The project also contains analyzers to detect common issues in Blazor apps.

Source generators

  • BlazorOcticons GitHub stars last commit Github Octicons created as a .razor components using source generator. The generated components are available via the NuGet package, the generator itself is available as a separate NuGet package. The project website is an example using the generated components.
  • BlazorInteropGenerator - GitHub stars last commit Github Octicons Generates Blazor -> Javascript strongly typed interop methods, by parsing the Javascript it self and generating extension methods for IJSRuntime.
  • RazorPageRouteGenerator - GitHub stars last commit Generates methods with parameters for Razor and Blazor pages, so you can navigate without having to guess URLs or parameters.

Real-World applications

  • Try .NET - GitHub stars last commit Try .NET provides developers and content authors with tools to create interactive experiences.


  • .NET Conf: Integrating Blazor with existing .NET web apps - duration November 18, 2023 - ASP.NET's RazorComponent model is intuitive and brings productivity to web development. In this session we'll learn how RazorComponents aren't just for Blazor apps and how we can integrate the best part of Blazor with existing ASP.NET applications using: Razor Pages, MVC, and even other front-end technologies.
  • .NET Conf: Building beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS - duration November 18, 2023 - Tailwind CSS has been growing in popularity for some time. It’s fast becoming one of the top frameworks to use when styling applications. It offers a different approach to the traditional frameworks like Bootstrap—utility based styling. Rather than using prebuilt components—which result in your application looking like a lot of others on the web—you can tailor your design by applying small focused CSS classes resulting in a unique style for your app. In this code focused talk, you will learn how to bring the power of Tailwind CSS to your Blazor applications. We’ll start off with a brief introduction to Tailwind. Then we’ll get into some code and see how we can integrate Tailwind with Blazor. For the rest of the time, we’ll explore the various features of Tailwind and see just how beautiful we can make our Blazor app.
  • .NET Conf: Blazor Puzzles and Answers - duration November 18, 2023 - The Blazor Puzzle podcast team of Carl Franklin and Jeff Fritz have a collection of puzzles and brain-teasers for you in this code-focused session about the latest features of the Blazor framework. We'll fix bugs, build cool features, and even write a unit test or two.
  • .NET Conf: Blazor-testing from A to Z - duration November 18, 2023 - Discuss and showcase the different Blazor testing strategies, libraries, and tools available to us, so whether you are building a website, web app, or a reusable Blazor component library, you can pick the ones that yield the most bang for the buck. Specifically, this session covers end-2-end testing, component testing, unit testing, Playwright, bUnit, snapshot testing, semantic markup comparison, emulating user interactions, and how and when to use test doubles (e.g., mocks).
  • .NET Conf: Full stack web UI with Blazor in .NET 8 - duration November 15, 2023 - In .NET 8 you can deliver the best web app experiences entirely in Blazor using Blazor's convenient component model. You can build your entire web app in Blazor without the needed for writing JavaScript or mixing web frameworks. In this session you'll see how you can use Blazor's new server-side rendering support to power your web apps from the server for maximum performance and scalability. You'll see how you can easily add advanced capabilities like streaming rendering and enhanced navigation & form handling to further optimize the user experience. Then add rich client-side interactivity wherever it is needed using Blazor Server or Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Building Hybrid User Interfaces with Blazor Hybrid [Pt 4] | Blazor Hybrid for Beginners - duration November 10, 2023 - Let's start to build out a full application with Blazor Hybrid inside of .NET MAUI. Join James as he walks through building out a full to do application with web components.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - New Blazor updates in .NET 8 RC2 - duration October 10, 2023 - About what Blazor has to offer in .NET 8 RC2. Community links.
  • Blazor on .NET 8 - Ten Reasons why Blazor on .NET 8 is a Game Changer - duration October 10, 2023 - 10 reasons why the new enhancements and new features about Blazor released with .NET 8 are an absolute game changer.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Full Stack Blazor Tips and Updates - duration September 12, 2023 - Discover how full stack Blazor apps work and how they differ from traditional Blazor Server and WebAssembly apps. We'll also explore some of the new full stack UI features that Blazor offers in .NET 8 RC1. Community links.
  • The Blazor Puzzle : Puzzle 3 - duration September 8, 2023 - Carl Franklin and Jeff Fritz offer Blazor-based problems to be solved and give away prizes to lucky winners. Source code.
  • How to Authenticate a Blazor Server App with Azure AD - duration September 7, 2023 - This short video is about how to create a new Blazor Server application and authenticate it using Azure AD.
  • Burke Learns Blazor - API Updates - duration August 25, 2023 - We're going to update the API to use the Cosmos client and maybe do some updates on the Edit form. And Burke shows off the signature move that won him the "Pop 'n' Lock" championship.
  • Beautiful Blazor UI Everywhere with Telerik - duration August 22, 2023 - Becky is joined by Sam Basu from Progress showing off the latest controls for Blazor and Blazor Hybrid apps with Telerik UI.
  • New Blazor Rendering Mode Features in .NET 8.0 - duration August 14, 2023 - In this video we'll explore how to integrate the new Blazor Server Side rendering capabilities in .NET 8.0 with the traditional Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor Server (SignalR) hosting models for a rich client-side experience. We'll explore the differences between these different options, how to seamlessly implement each option where it makes sense, and discuss different architecture approaches with Blazor in ASP.NET Core 8.0.
  • What's New in Blazor for .NET 8 - duration August 4, 2023 - Come find out about the future of Blazor in .NET 8! We'll explore all the upcoming features and improvements, including our effort to create a unified full stack web UI programming model that combines the strengths of client and server. We hope to see you there.
  • What is the Future of Blazor? Should I Learn Blazor? - duration July 27, 2023 - Should I learn a JavaScript framework or concentrate on mastering Blazor? What is the future of Blazor? Is Microsoft invested in making Blazor great? We will answer these questions in today's Dev Questions episode.
  • Burke Learns Blazor - duration July 7, 2023 - Finishing the API and starting the UI. Community links.
  • Adding Progress Indicators & Progress Telerik Maps in 'Next Tech Event' | Part 21 - duration July 4, 2023 - In this episode, we discuss and implement progress indicators to enhance user experience. Plus, we integrate a Map component from Progress Telerik, adding a visually striking and functional element to the platform. Source code.
  • Burke Learns Blazor - Let's build the API! - duration June 30 - Last week we got the API started - let's finish it up and start on the UI. Url list.
  • The Blazor Power Hour: Sections, SectionOutlet, and SectionContent in .NET 8 Preview - duration June 28, 2023 - Let's take a deep dive into a .NET 8 Preview feature, sections. What are SectionOutlet, and SectionContent? How do we use them to build an extensive layout system for Blazor applications?
  • Creating a Twitter Clone with Blazor Spark - duration June 21, 2023 - Learn how to utilize the Blazor Spark framework by building a Twitter clone.
  • Burke learns Blazor by porting a Vue.js app to Blazor - duration June 15, 2021 - This summer, Burke and Jon are porting to Blazor - a real world JavaScript application written in Vue.js. Join them each week as they use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and GitHub Copilot to rebuild this app and try to tackle every frontend issue you might encounter along the way. Community links.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Featured community project: Blazor Studio - duration June 14, 2023 - Chat about Blazor Studio, this month's featured Blazor community project. Community links.
  • What's new in .NET 8 for Web frontends backends and futures? - duration May 26, 2023 - Join this session to explore new features in .NET 8 for web frontends, backends, and future development. Discover how .NET 8 enhances web app development with better performance, new APIs, and modern development support. Get guidance on leveraging these tools for scalable, efficient cloud apps. Suitable for both experienced and new .NET developers, this session offers valuable insights into the latest developments in .NET 8 for web development.
  • Running ASP.NET Core Apps without a server? WHAT??? - duration May 26, 2023 - By Isaac Levin at the NDC Oslo 2023. With the introduction of WebAssembly-based Blazor, .NET developers can now build solutions that can run on all sorts of new hosting platforms, even ones without servers. Building applications that can run nearly anywhere, all written in C# is an amazing experience for web developers, far and wide. Write code in the programming language you love, without having to learn the newest Javascript framework (though you can interop if you want to!) is the reason why Blazor is one of the most exciting things in the current .NET landscape. In this session, we will go over the technology of Blazor WebAssembly and showcase deploying a .NET app that can run in places we never thought we could.
  • Running Blazor in Production, Lessons Learned - duration May 24, 2023 - Since we started using Blazor in 2019, it's been an excellent tool for our team of C# developers. Even when Blazor was brand new, we used it in our latest project, which really helped us. Seeing other people in our field, I can say that Blazor was a key to our project's success. Our journey with Blazor has mostly been easy, but we have still learned a lot along the way. In this video, I will share some tips and lessons we have picked up. I will also discuss how to make smart choices and avoid problems when you're changing your existing project to use Blazor.
  • Full stack web in .NET 8 with Blazor - duration May 24, 2023 - Learn how ASP.NET Blazor in .NET 8 allows you to use a single powerful component model to handle all of your web UI needs, including server-side rendering, client-side rendering, streaming rendering, progressive enhancement, and much more.
  • Blazor + .NET MAUI – the perfect “hybrid” - duration May 24, 2023 - In this session, we demonstrate how to leverage DevExpress Blazor/.NET MAUI UI components to deliver intuitive mobile solutions that amaze. We show you how Blazor Hybrid apps reduce time to market and how our adaptive Blazor Data Grid can be used alongside our rich collection of FREE .NET MAUI UI components to address a variety of usage scenarios.
  • How to Create a PDF Document in Blazor Using the .NET PDF Library - duration May 23, 2023 - .NET Build session: How to Create a PDF Document in Blazor Using the .NET PDF Library. PDFs are an ideal format for sharing and archiving documents, but creating a viewer from scratch requires a deep understanding of PDF specifications and programming languages. What benefit does a PDF viewer provide for your business? It makes it easy to send a report to stakeholders, send an invoice to a customer, or generate a receipt in a retail shop. In this demo, we’ll show how you can easily add a PDF viewer to your app with text, images, and a table in the PDF document.
  • Blazor + .NET MAUI – the perfect “hybrid” - duration May 23, 2023 - Microsoft Build session: Blazor + .NET MAUI – the perfect “hybrid”. In this session, we demonstrate how to leverage DevExpress Blazor/.NET MAUI UI components to deliver intuitive mobile solutions that amaze. We show you how Blazor Hybrid apps reduce time to market and how our adaptive Blazor Data Grid can be used alongside our rich collection of FREE .NET MAUI UI components to address a variety of usage scenarios.
  • This Will Skyrocket Your Blazor Development Productivity - duration May 23, 2023 - Developing Blazor is fun. However, there are a lot of different things that take quite some time when added together. For instance creating isolated CSS files, creating isolated JS files, creating code behind files and others. However, Jimmy Engstrom has created a Visual Extension that solves exactly this problems. Using this extension, your productivity will get a substantial boost. In this video, I'll show you everything you need to know to use this extension in your day to day Blazor development.
  • On .NET Live - Micro Frontends with Blazor - duration May 22, 2023 - Have you ever considered writing microservices in Blazor? In this week's episode, community MVP Florian Rappl joins us to talk about micro frontends. He'll show us how to break a Blazor UI into modules for maintainability and development by decoupled teams. stars last commit Sample repo. Demo.
  • Running Blazor in production, lessons learned - Jimmy Engström - NDC London 2023 - duration May 19, 2023 - We have been running Blazor in production for over two years now. Everyone in our team is a C# developer, so when we went into our latest project Blazor was a natural choice, even though Blazor was only a week old. Looking at my peers working in the same space, I am convinced that it saved our project by switching to Blazor. Even though it has been mostly smooth sailing we have learned a lot during the years. In this session, Jimmy Engström will give you some of the tips, tricks, and learnings we have collected over the years, when to choose what, and how to avoid pitfalls converting your exiting project to Blazor.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 8 Updates - duration May 10, 2023 - Come check out some of the progress the Blazor team has made for .NET 8. Community links.
  • Building "Next Tech Event" using Blazor and RavenDB Part 16 - duration May 9, 2023 - Part 16 of our new project, "NextTechEvent", a site that will help speakers, organizers, and attendees find their next tech event. In this stream, we made the attendee page look better, and with our close personal friend Chat GPT, we did a better-looking temperature view. Source code stars last commit .
  • Build a Connect Four game in your browser with .NET - duration May 1, 2023 - Learn C#, F#, and .NET with free self-guided learning from Microsoft Learn. Connect4 lesson on Microsoft Learn.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor and Data API Builder - duration April 11, 2023 - Learn about Data API Builder and how it can be used in Blazor app development. Community links.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor App Testing with Playwright - duration February 23, 2023 - March 14, 2023 - Learn how to use Playwright to implement end-to-end testing for your Blazor application. Community links.
  • Steve Sanderson on Blazor United - duration February 23, 2023 - Carl talks to Steve Sanderson, creator of Blazor, to answer questions about Blazor United, coming in .NET 8.
  • Exploring OpenAI with Blazor - duration February 23, 2023 - Chat with Michael Washington about how .NET developers can leverage OpenAI GPT-3 in their Blazor applications.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor United in .NET 8 - duration February 14, 2023 - The Blazor team shares early thoughts on Blazor United in .NET 8, an effort to create a single unified model for all your web UI scenarios that combines the best of Razor Pages, Blazor Server, and Blazor WebAssembly. Community links.
  • On .NET Live - Mapping with GeoBlazor - duration February 7, 2023 - Do you need to display mapping data in your Blazor apps? In this week's episode, community member Tim Purdum joins the panel to show us GeoBlazor, a versatile web mapping API that you can implement without having to write a single line of JavaScript.
  • Blazor United prototype - duration January 24, 2023 - A quick look at some of the experiments we're considering for Blazor in .NET 8.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring new and experimental features in Blazor - duration January 10, 2023 - It show what it's like to build a .NET 7 Blazor app using both new and currently experimental features. Featuring: Daniel Roth, Jon Galloway, Mackinnon Buck. Community links.
  • Run a Blazor component inside React - duration December 21, 2022 - Are you tired of slow and clunky web applications? Look no further than Blazor running in React! Blazor is a powerful framework for building interactive client-side web apps with C#, and when combined with the speed and flexibility of React, you get a winning combination for stunning, high-performance web experiences. In this video, we will use the new Custom Elements feature to run Blazor in React, and demonstrate some of the other exciting features and benefits of this dynamic duo. Don't miss out on the future of web development.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 8 Planning - duration December 13, 2022 - Find out our early plans for Blazor in .NET 8. Community links.
  • Use the IDE to make a Fluxor CRUD Application | Blazor IDE Part 2 - duration November 18, 2022 - Use the IDE to make a Fluxor CRUD Application.
  • What's new for Blazor in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - Blazor in .NET 7 is loaded with many new improvements to make building beautiful interactive web UI easier and more productive. In this session we'll take a look at the new support for custom elements, improved data binding, handling location changing events, showing loading progress, dynamic authentication requests, and more.
  • Build an Audio Browser app with Blazor | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - So you’ve heard about new features in .NET 7, but how does it all fit together when you build an app? Join Steve as he quickly builds an end-to-end audio manager app with Blazor WebAssembly using features old and new. This is a moderately advanced talk (it assumes existing Blazor knowledge) full of hints and tips including: cleaner ways to organize JS interop, directly accessing files on an end user’s filesystem, dynamically generating SVGs, creating an elegant “loading” experience, and the performance impact of AOT compilation. Full source code is provided!
  • .NET ❤️’s WebAssembly in .NET 7 | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - .NET 7 introduces powerful new capabilities for running .NET code on WebAssembly. In this session we’ll show how you can run .NET from any JavaScript code using the new and improved JavaScript interop support. We’ll look at debugging and hot reload improvements for .NET on WebAssembly and show how the .NET WebAssembly build tools in .NET 7 take advantage of the latest WebAssembly features like SIMD and Exception Handling to improve performance. We’ll also check out some upcoming and experimental .NET WebAssembly capabilities like support for multithreading.
  • Testing Blazor Applications with Playwright | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - Testing is hard, testing takes time to learn and to write, and time is money. As developers we want to test. We know we should but we don't have time. So how can we get more developers to do testing? We can create better tools. Let me introduce you to Playwright - Reliable end-to-end cross browser testing for modern web apps, by Microsoft and fully open source. Playwright's codegen generates tests for you so now you really have no excuses. It's time to play your tests wright.
  • Create native desktop & mobile apps using web skills in Blazor Hybrid | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - Are you a web developer and need to target iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows? Ship directly to the store and build world class apps with native API access with .NET MAUI and Blazor Hybrid.
  • Modernize your WPF and Windows Forms application with Blazor | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - Desktop is not dead and there are a lot of applications written in WPF and Windows Forms that need to be ported to Web, or reuse ready components written by the web team. Blazor can be the answer for both the requirements thanks to Blazor Hybrid. Let’s see how you can use it.
  • CSS Techniques for Blazor Developers | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - Does your CSS code remind you of an episode of Hoarders? In this session we’ll explore a variety of CSS related architecture decisions that Blazor developers face. Attendees will learn how and when to use plain CSS, Sass or CSS Isolation with Blazor. Modern CSS techniques like custom CSS properties will be discussed. We’ll explore techniques to build modular and intelligent CSS by leveraging CSS principals and incorporating helper libraries. This session aims to break the dependency on CSS systems like Bootstrap and Tailwind.
  • Azure Static Web Apps with Blazor and .NET | .NET Conf 2022 - duration November 10, 2022 - Are you a .NET developer who wants to quickly build and deploy full-stack .NET serverless applications? Then this talk is for you! In this session, we will learn how to use Azure Static Web Apps with Blazor and .NET. First, we will explore Azure Static Web Apps. Then take a look at getting started with Blazor WebAssembly paired with the serverless power of .NET Azure Functions or Azure Container Apps. We will continue on to explore other .NET API options now available. And finally, we will discover how to automatically build and deploy to Azure directly from our code repository.
  • Localization in Blazor: Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 90 - duration November 3, 2022 - Carl shows how to easily support multiple languages in a Blazor WebAssembly application.
  • Building "Next Tech Event" using Blazor and RavenDB Part 12 - duration November 2, 2022 - Part 12 of the project "NextTechEvent", a site that will help speakers, organizers, and attendees find their next tech event. In this stream, we add search functionality using RavenDB by adding an index. A way for organizers to filter conferences by name, country, location, city, and tags or a combination of them. This way we can see how many conferences are happening in "Stockholm" or all the conferences named "NDC". GitHub stars last commit Source code.
  • MAUI Blazor Podcast Client Part 2: The .NET Show with Carl Franklin Ep 30 - duration October 20, 2022 - Adding guests and links, and playlist functionality.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7 Part III - duration October 11, 2022 - Learn more about the latest multithreading and MSAL developments for Blazor in .NET 7. Community links.
  • MSAL Auth in Blazor Server - duration September 22, 2022 - Carl shows how to use MSAL and Azure AD B2C to authenticate users and call a secure API.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 7 Part II - duration September 13, 2022 - Learn more about the exciting runtime changes in Blazor for .NET 7. Community links. Part 1.
  • Make a Text Editor in Blazor from scratch, Blazor Text Editor Part 1. - duration September 8, 2022 - Make a Text Editor in Blazor from scratch, Blazor Text Editor Part 1.
  • Roslyn Syntax Highlighting | Blazor Text Editor Part 2 - duration September 8, 2022 - Roslyn Syntax Highlighting | Blazor Text Editor Part 2.
  • Make a Text Editor in Blazor from scratch | Blazor Text Editor Part 1 - duration September 8, 2022 - Make a Text Editor in Blazor from scratch | Blazor Text Editor Part 1.
  • .NET MAUI & Blazor - Sharing code between app and web - September 2, 2022 - In this video, Daniel will show you how to create a project for .NET MAUI and Blazor and how to structure the code so it can be shared between the app and the web. GitHub stars last commit Source code.
  • Blazor in 100 Seconds - duration September 1, 2022 - Short presentation of Blazor. Blazor is a framework that can build frontend web applications with HTML, CSS, and C#. It leverages web assembly to eliminate JavaScript from the usual client-side tech stack.
  • Build an interactive todo list with Blazor in minutes - duration August 28, 2022 - In this tutorial we'll learn how to create a todo list with Blazor and improve the page using Bootstrap.
  • Blazor in .NET 7 - .NET Community Standup - duration August 23, 2022 - Overview of Blazor in .NET 7 with Daniel Roth, Jon Galloway, Mackinnon Buck and Tanay Parikh. Learn more about the great new features coming to Blazor in .NET 7.
  • Blazor for ABSOLUTE beginners in 21 Minutes - duration August 22, 2022 - In this tutorial you will learn the basics of building a website with Blazor and how the default Blazor project template works. If you have any problems feel free to leave a comment and I will try and get back to you. I've also added some notes below that you might find useful.
  • Implementing Main Page Headers in Blazor - duration July 18, 2022 - In this session, Josh and I are back again to continue building a decentralizaed social media platform in the open-source space. This session in particular we will be discussing, designing and implementing a main page header in Blazor using SharpStyles.
  • Blazor: Flavors of State Management with Blazor WebAssembly - duration July 12, 2022 - ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor: Flavors of State Management with Blazor WebAssembly. Working with Blazor WebAssembly applications we often overlook the importance of appropriate state management. Without a good understanding and the right strategy, our applications can end up polluted with components that behave badly and we end up regretting the bad choices.- This session covers the simple state management flavours and then progress towards something more tasty like the Redux pattern. We will see what there is to like and dislike about each flavour. Next, we will take a step back and determine the appropriate seasoning of state management to pair with our application. You will leave this session having sampled all the wonderful flavours and be able to make great decisions to have the best development experience. Community links.
  • Securing Blazor & Web APIs with AAD - duration July 11, 2022 - This video shows how to secure your Blazor application and a Web API using Azure Active Directory (AAD).
  • What’s next for Blazor, and .NET on WASI - duration July 7, 2022 - What’s next for Blazor, and .NET on WASI, talk by Steve Sanderson at the NDC Porto. In this demo-centric talk, Microsoft developer/architect Steve will show the current state-of-the-art in Blazor for building rich web-based UI for browsers and native apps. This will include powerful new features shipped in .NET 6, as well as upcoming enhancements under development for .NET 7 and .NET MAUI. We’ll also look at more experimental future possibilities, including running .NET Core on WASI (WebAssembly on the server) which creates entirely new cloud and edge hosting options and lets you bring .NET code to places it’s never been before.
  • Test the new Blazor experimental tutorial INSIDE Visual Studio - duration June 29, 2022 - Grace Taylor from the Visual Studio team joins James to talk about a new experiment that they are running to improve tutorial inside of Visual Studio! Their first experiment is going to help developers get started learning and building web apps with Blazor. Install Visual Studio, and you may have the opportunity to test out this new experimental feature from the team.
  • Test-Driving CSS Styles in Blazor - duration June 20, 2022 - This video is about test-driving CSS styles in Blazor.
  • Should I Focus on Blazor or ASP.NET Core? - duration June 16, 2022 - Should I learn Blazor in more depth or should I better understand ASP.NET Core? Which one is the better one to learn well first? Should I bounce back and forth or specialize in one?
  • Persisting Data in Blazor WebAssembly - June 3, 2022 - Carl uses a client-side repository based on IndexedDB to persist data even without an Internet connection.
  • Using TypeScript with Blazor - duration May 27, 2022 - Carl shows you how to use TypeScript when creating a Blazor component.
  • Build native apps for any device with .NET and Visual Studio - duration May 25, 2022 - See how you can quickly and iteratively build modern, native and hybrid web apps for any device with Visual Studio and .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI). We’ll take you on a tour of the tools and frameworks that can speed up your development time to create powerful, native desktop and mobile apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android from a single codebase with .NET MAUI. We’ll also show you how to enhance your Blazor web apps with native device capabilities.
  • Native client apps with Blazor Hybrid - duration May 25, 2022 - Blazor uses the latest open web standards to enable full stack web development with .NET. But what if you need to build a native client app? Blazor is expanding beyond the web to enable support for building native client apps using a hybrid of web technologies and .NET. In this session we’ll look at the new Blazor Hybrid support in .NET MAUI for building cross platform native client apps for mobile and desktop as well as Blazor Hybrid support for modernizing WPF and Windows Forms apps.
  • Future Possibilities for .NET Core and WASI (WebAssembly on the Server) - duration May 25, 2022 - WebAssembly is moving beyond the browser and is pitched to become a foundational element of modern cloud-native architecture. It lets any language compile to universal binaries that run on any OS or processor, robustly sandboxed and with great performance. This session covers a new approach to running .NET in WASI environments. You’ll see how your existing .NET code could be built into WASI-compliant modules, plus the opportunities this opens. This is experimental, not yet a committed product.
  • Learn .NET MAUI - Full Course for Beginners | Tutorial for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows in C# - May 23, 2022 - Let's start our journey together to build beautiful native cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows with .NET MAUI, C#, and Visual Studio! In this full workshop, I will walk you through everything you need to know about .NET MAUI and building your very first app. You will learn the basics including how to build user interfaces with XAML, how MVVM and data binding simplify development, how to navigate between pages, access platform features like geolocation, optimize data collections, and theme your app for light theme and dark theme. This course has everything you need to learn the basics and set you up for success when building apps with .NET MAUI.
  • Displaying Custom Reports in Blazor using Syncfusion - duration May 20, 2022 - In the last video, we created a custom report using the Bold Reports Designer. We could use the provided Bold Reports Viewer to display the reports, but that does not always fit with what you want to accomplish. That is why today we will implement a report viewer in a Blazor Server application. That way, we can show our custom report to our clients directly inside of our site instead of sending them to a separate application.
  • Bringing WebAssembly to the .NET Mainstream - Steve Sanderson - duration May 19, 2022 - Many developers still consider WebAssembly to be a leading-edge, niche technology tied to low-level systems programming languages. However, C# and .NET have run on WebAssembly since 2017. Blazor WebAssembly brought .NET into the browser on open standards, and is now one of the fastest-growing parts of .NET across enterprises, startups, and hobbyists. Next, with WASI we could let you run .NET in even more places, introducing cloud-native tools and techniques to a wider segment of the global developer community. This is a technical talk showing how we bring .NET to WebAssembly. Steve will demonstrate how it runs both interpreted and AOT-compiled, how an IDE debugger can attach, performance tradeoffs, and how a move from Emscripten to WASI SDK lets it run in Wasmtime/Wasmer or higher-level runtimes like wasmCloud. Secondly, you'll hear lessons learned from Blazor as an open-source project - challenges and misconceptions faced bringing WebAssembly beyond early adopters.
  • Rapid development model for Blazor Web Assembly and typed end-to-end services - duration May 19, 2022 - In this video we use the ServiceStack Blazor WASM template to show how the combination of typed end-to-end services and Blazor is great for building line of business applications. The template provides a clean separation of concerns, typed end-to-end safety and rapid iteration thanks to shared C# language, Visual Studio Hot Reload and ServiceStack message centric design.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Let's build an app with .NET MAUI and Blazor - duration May 17, 2022 - Showcasing migrating a Blazor WASM PWA to .NET MAUI and Blazor Hybrid. Community links.
  • Making Blazor work with everything, plus WebAssembly on the server - duration May 13, 2022 - Talk by Steve Sanderson at the NDC London 2022. Real-world software projects often involve combining many technologies. So, is modern Blazor powerful and flexible enough for your team's needs? In this demo-heavy talk, Steve will show how Blazor WebAssembly/Server can seamlessly embed libraries and logic written in other languages such as Rust or C/C++, how Blazor WebAssembly/Server components can be used inside other SPA frameworks such as React or Angular (or vice-versa) and how Blazor components can be used not only for web projects, but also shared with native apps for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows (including WPF and WinForms) These capabilities should equip your team to take on the most ambitious projects with confidence. We'll then look further into the future and consider how WebAssembly is moving beyond the browser and is pitched to become a foundational element of cloud-native server apps. You'll be among the first to see an experimental new approach to compiling .NET applications into WASI-compliant universal binaries that can run on any OS or processor, robustly sandboxed and with great performance.
  • Creating Office Files in Blazor using Syncfusion - PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - duration May 13, 2022 - Creating office files in C# has always been a popular solution. You can generate reports in formats that users are comfortable with. With the Syncfusion file controls, you can not only create Excel files, you can also create Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents. In this video, we will look at the office file controls in Syncfusion and how to use them.
  • Building apps for Teams in .NET & Blazor - duration May 11, 2022 - John Miller joins James on this week's On .NET to chat about how .NET developers can build Microsoft Teams apps and bots completely with C#, .NET, and Blazor! John walks us through everything we need to know to get started and how to even publish apps for Teams.
  • Intro to Blazor Controls in Syncfusion - duration May 11, 2022 - The Blazor controls in Syncfusion are pretty impressive. In this video, we will look at the DataGrid, charts, a Kanban-style board, a dashboard, autocomplete textboxes, context menus, signature pads, menu bars, toast messages, and more. There are so many controls to look at, in fact, that we are going to purposefully ignore the office file creation and display controls, as well as reporting. That way, we can spend more time on the other controls today and then focus on the office files in another video. The reporting will actually have two different videos dedicated to it.
  • Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern - duration May 10, 2022 - Modern web development means that more and more application code is running in the browser. Traditionally this has been JavaScript but more recently there has been the trend to use C#/WASM with Blazor. These modern applications typically also need authentication and single-sign-on as well as token-based security for calling APIs – in other words OpenID Connect and OAuth 2. There are different patterns for securing such applications and this session covers some of the pitfalls of the various approaches, especially given the ever-changing browser landscape. We will conclude with the “backend for frontend” (or BFF) pattern which has become the most secure and stable of these approaches.
  • Multi-environment deployments with Azure DevOps and Static Web Apps - duration May 5, 2022 - App walkthrough, Create a static web app with an Azure DevOps pipeline, Add Azure DevOps environments and configure approvals, Configure a multi-stage pipeline, Static Web Apps named preview environments, Playwright tests, Manual approval before production deployment, Secure staging environments with a password. Source code.
  • On .NET Live - Wrapping browser APIs in Blazor WASM - duration May 2, 2022 - In this week's episode, Kristoffer Strube joins the panel to show us a Blazor WASM wrapper for the browser File System Access API. He's bringing demos and code to share, so this is an episode you won't want to miss.
  • Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF Pattern - duration April 29, 2022 - Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern at the NDC Porto, by Dominick Baier.
  • State management in Blazor - duration April 29, 2022 - State management in Blazor, at the NDC Porto 2022. When developing a Single Page Application, a very important aspect is state management. Since Blazer is a component-based UI framework, how do we manage to update the UI when the state of the application changes.
  • Streaming three ways with Blazor: REST, gRPC, and SignalR - duration April 29, 2022 - Streaming three ways with Blazor: REST, gRPC, and SignalR, by Carl Franklin at the NDC Porto 2022. Learn how to stream data from server to client to improve perceived performance and increase scalability. Carl shows how streaming works in general, and then how to implement using each of these three transports.
  • Intro to SignalR in C# Part 1 - using Blazor, WPF, best practices, and more - duration April 25, 2022 - SignalR is an excellent way to connect two or more clients together for real-time communication. The best part is that this library is just a wrapper around web-standard technologies such as Web Sockets and Long-Polling. It just makes them easier to use. That means we can even use SignalR with other clients such as Java or JavaScript. In this video, we are going to learn how to set up SignalR and how to connect to it using web clients and desktop clients. Throughout the video, we will cover best practices, as well as how to use this in the real world.
  • Revisiting MVVM - duration April 21, 2022 - Carl revisits the topic of MVVM with Blazor, clarifying your options.
  • Queryable Repositories - duration April 14, 2022 - Build a generic repository that the client can query.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazorators: Blazor C# Source Generators - duration April 12, 2022 - David Pine introduces Blazorators, Blazor C# Source Generators on this month's Blazor Community Standup. Community links.
  • .NET MAUI Blazor - Build Hybrid Mobile, Desktop, and Web apps - duration April 1, 2022 - Blazor enables building client-side web UI with .NET, but sometimes you need more than what the web platform offers. Sometimes you need full access to the native capabilities of the device. You can now host Blazor components in .NET MAUI apps to build cross-platform native apps using web UI. The components run natively in the .NET process and render web UI to an embedded web view control using a local interop channel. This hybrid approach gives you the best of native and the web. Your components can access native functionality through the .NET platform, and they render standard web UI. .NET MAUI Blazor apps can run anywhere .NET MAUI can (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).
  • Managing App State with Fluxor - duration March 31, 2022 - pp State Management using Fluxor, a Flux/Redux library for Blazor.
  • Blazor Basics with Identity - duration Mars 14, 2022 - Fritz shows you how to connect authentication and authorization to your Blazor app. We'll focus on how to connect a properly configured Microsoft Identity application to your Blazor framework.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Native client apps with Blazor Hybrid - duration Mars 8, 2022 - Join this Blazor Community Standup to learn more about using Blazor Hybrid to create cross-platform native client apps for Windows, iOS, Android & Mac. Community links.
  • Building beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS - duration Mars 2, 2022 - Tailwind CSS has been growing in popularity for some time. It’s fast becoming one of the top frameworks to use when styling applications. It offers a different approach to the traditional frameworks like Bootstrap—utility based styling. Rather than using prebuilt components—which result in your application looking like a lot of others on the web—you can tailor your design by applying small focused CSS classes resulting in a unique style for your app. In this talk, you will learn how to bring the power of Tailwind CSS to your Blazor applications. We’ll start off with an introduction to Tailwind and how it differs from other CSS frameworks. Then we’ll get into some code and see how we can integrate Tailwind with Blazor. For the rest of the time, we’ll explore the various features of Tailwind and see how just how beautiful we can make our Blazor app. By Chris Sainty, at the NDC Oslo 2021.
  • Best practices unit testing Blazor components with bUnit - duration Mars 1, 2022 - Why create tests of UI components? Isn’t UI tests inherently brittle, run slowly, and hard to maintain? By Egil Hansen, at the NDC Oslo 2021.
  • Learn C# with CSharpFritz - Blazor Application Hosting - duration February 28, 2022 - You've built your Blazor application, now where do you run it? In this demo filled session, Fritz will talk through Progressive Web Apps, packaging with Docker, and deploying your Blazor application to Azure. Community links.
  • Blazor, NET 6, and WebAssembly - duration February 21, 2022 - Talk by Steve Sanderson at the NDC Oslo 2021. .NET 6 is a huge release for Blazor, adding a ton of powerful new features for .NET web developers. This talk will be full of demos to get you up-to-speed on this hot framework.
  • Building a classic adventure game with Blazor - duration duration February 14, 2022 - Blazor is a free and open-source web framework that enables developers to create web apps using C# and HTML. Being a .NET developer as well as a big fan of classic point-and-click adventure games, I’ve ported my Game-a-Tron 4000 adventure game engine to Blazor.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor .NET 7 Roadmap - duration February 8, 2022 - Find out what's being planned for Blazor in .NET 7. Community links.
  • C# Corner .NET Conference Day 1 - duration January 24, 2022 - The first day of the conference kicks off with a keynote session by Scott Hunter. Day one is focused on front-end technologies (Blazor). Conference website.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor WebAssembly on .NET 6 - duration January 11, 2022 - Join Blazor creator Steve Sanderson for a special look at Blazor WebAssembly on .NET 6. Community links.
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  • Chris Sainty: Blazor in Action - Azure DevOps Episode 238 - March 27, 2023 - Chris is a Microsoft MVP, author, and software engineer with over 17 years of experience with ASP.NET. Passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community, he regularly writes both for his own blog as well as others — such as Visual Studio magazine, Progress Telerik, and StackOverflow. This passion for blogging led to his first book, Blazor in Action, a practical guide to building Blazor applications. He also maintains several popular open-source projects under the GitHub organization, Blazored. When not tapping on a keyboard, Chris is a keen speaker, having delivered talks at both user groups and conferences all over the world. Duration: 41 minutes.
  • .NET Rocks - Blazor United with Javier Nelson and Steve Sanderson - March 23, 2023 - What if you didn't have to choose between client-side and server-side Blazor? Carl and Richard talk to Javier Nelson and Steve Sanderson about Blazor United in its early stages of development, providing flexibility at the web component level for client- and server-side rendering. At the simplest level, Blazor United offers server-side rendering when a site is first hit so that you can load the larger client-side components over time. But deeper is the idea that some elements on your web page benefit from being client-side, and some from being server-side, and why should you have to choose only one? Duration: 53 minutes.
  • Steve Sanderson - Blazor, WASI and optimizing tomatoes - July 17, 2022 - At NDC London we sat down with Steve Sanderson and talked about the origin story of Blazor, some of the upcoming things in .NET 7, and what Steve is working on right now. Duration: 35 minutes.
  • WASM Everywhere with Steve Sanderson - July 7, 2022 - WebAssembly is awesome - what else can you do with it? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talked to Steve Sanderson about his work with WebAssembly, including Blazor. Steve talks about how WebAssembly continues to evolve adding WebAssembly System Integration. This opens the door to the idea that code in the WebAssembly can be run anywhere - any operating system, any language, using whatever compute is available. That gives an option to run code on the client, the server, and anywhere in between. Duration: 55 minutes.
  • Indexing Video using KlipTok with Jeff Fritz - June 2, 2022 - How do you find a great video clip after the fact? Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Fritz about his work building KlipTok, a tool for making Twitch video clips more discoverable and shareable. Jeff digs into the tricky bits of KlipTok, which is all about fast indexing and searching to get to the right clip. The conversation digs into various data storage techniques and using the cloud in a way that doesn't break the bank. Jeff may be a Microsoft employee, but that doesn't mean he uses only Microsoft tools for his projects. Duration: 57 minutes.
  • David Ortinau on .NET MAUI - May 27, 2022 - Jon Galloway talks to David Ortinau about .NET MAUI. Duration: 41 minutes. YouTube video.
  • The Unhandled Exception Podcast: Microsoft Build 2022 - May 25, 2022 - Microsoft have just had their annual Build conference - which comes with a whole host of exciting announcements and discussions about hot programming topics in the Microsoft developer space. And each year, I long for a podcast episode to come out straight after Build, overviewing them! Well, this year - this podcast aims to do just that! In this episode, I was joined by both Scott Hunter and Gaurav Seth to chat about various topics. Check out the links below for a guide to what we discussed. Duration: 71 minutes.
  • ASP.NET, Blogging, Kuberetes, and more - May 10, 2022 - The Unhandled Exception Podcast with Andrew Lock ( He’s the author of the Manning ebook, ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition. This episode covers a lot - from the different flavours of ASP.NET, to Kubernetes, Blazor, gRPC, testing, Minimal API, MediatR and more.
  • Umbraco Heartcore and Blazor with Poornima Nayar - May 4, 2022 - In this episode we talked with Poornima Nayar about Umbraco Heartcore and where you might use it, Blazor, a little on GraphQL and how it fits very well with mobile apps which communicate with remote APIs. Duration: 59 minutes.
  • In The Core of Blazor - February 12, 2022 - Steve Sanderson talks about his journey into tech, his life, education, career and everything else in between. Duration: 73 minutes.
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  • Blazor WebAssembly Succinctly - August 31, 2020 - Blazor is a framework for creating SPA webpages with either client-side or server-side architectures, using Razor technology written with the C# language. Because client-side Blazor with WebAssembly executes entirely on a user's browser, it’s very fast for many applications. In Blazor WebAssembly Succinctly, Michael Washington will take readers through the core elements of Blazor and then explore additional features by building a sample application. Free e-book.
  • Blazor Succinctly - April 16, 2020 - A free e-book for starting with the Blazor framework.
  • Blazor, A Beginners Guide - March 18, 2020 - A free e-book for getting started with the Blazor framework. Examples source code.
  • Blazor for ASP.NET Web Forms developers - Blazor for ASP.NET Web Forms developers, a free e-book from Microsoft.
  • Using CSLA 5: Blazor and WebAssembly - This book covers the new Blazor UI framework, including how to create server-side and client-side WebAssembly projects, how to implement authentication and authorization, and how to use data binding. It then covers how CSLA .NET supports Blazor, including walking through a complete sample app.
  • An Introduction to Building Applications with Blazor - August 24, 2019 - An Introduction to Building Applications with Blazor: How to get started creating applications using this exciting easy to use Microsoft C# framework
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