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peterkappelt commented Dec 29, 2020

Hey everyone, I hope y'all enjoyed your holidays.
I want to create SuiteCRM users via the V8 api, but the response is invalid json and contains some generic validation error message.

I'm not sure whether my request is actually malformed or the error message just shouldn't appear.

Type:Suggestion Priority:Moderate Area: Module Help Wanted
Leopere commented Oct 9, 2019!/?view.left=1&view.right=0 readability needs to be possible almost universally ideally. This means avoiding all caps strings in titles as screen readers read every letter and other nonsense like this however the first and foremost concern is just simply that we ship with a default that is visible for our sighted users who may have issues with color blindness

enhancement help wanted good first issue hacktoberfest
kantord commented Dec 30, 2021

We enabled pylint in the project, however several code style violations already exist. There's no point in enabling rules and then not enforcing them, therefore any rule that is not already enforced is currently disabled.

One of these rules if the one you can see in the title is this issue.

How to solve
Create a pull request with 2 commits. The commits should:

  1. Enable the rule in
good first issue

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