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mindplay-dk commented Jul 27, 2015

Quoting documentation for ServerRequestInterface::getParsedBody()

If the request Content-Type is either application/x-www-form-urlencoded
or multipart/form-data, and the request method is POST, this method MUST
return the contents of $_POST.

As far as I can figure, this is true only in the case w

leonghui commented Nov 27, 2019


I added JSON feed to doc/ in #244.

There are some differences with the current implementation compared to the mappings recommended by the specs.

  1. The specs recommend mapping Atom and RSS link element to the home_page_url object, while Atom link with rel="self" should be mapped to feed_url.
  2. `home_page_ur

⭐️ This VSTO Add-In creates a custom "Favorites" ribbon. Key distinctive attributes include dedicated buttons for changing the visibility/sort order of sheets, copying visible cells, Excel's camera feature, Snipping Tool, Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) and Windows Calculator. It is written in 3 different versions as a VSTO Add-In in C# and VB.NET as well as a VBA Add-In.

  • Updated Jan 21, 2020
  • JavaScript

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