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Showcase your open source projects in Berlin this summer

Call for projects

We invite you to submit your projects for a chance to be showcased at the Open Source Spotlight during the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin this July. Selected participants will not only gain exposure to a diverse audience of 15,000+ developers and tech-leaders from across the globe, but also receive a complimentary ticket to the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to highlight your work and connect with fellow developers!

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An infrastructure-as-code tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently.

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RailsWorld 2024

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RailsWorld 2024

September 26, 2024 - September 27, 2024 • Toronto, CA

RailsWorld is a two-day, two-track community conference featuring technical talks, demos and workshops about Rails development.

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Rewind Backups for GitHub

The most downloaded Backup app for GitHub, managing 500,000+ backups daily.

Rewind is a leading SaaS backup company, trusted by 100,000+ organizations.

  • Automatic daily backups, including metadata
  • On-demand Restores in a few clicks
  • Backups synced to your S3 and Azure storage with Cloud Sync
  • AES-256 Encryption, audit log and data residency
  • The only SOC 2, Type 2 compliant backup app for GitHub

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基于大模型搭建的聊天机器人,同时支持 微信公众号、企业微信应用、飞书、钉钉 等接入,可选择GPT3.5/GPT-4o/GPT4.0/ Claude/文心一言/讯飞星火/通义千问/ Gemini/GLM-4/Claude/Kimi/LinkAI,能处理文本、语音和图片,访问操作系统和互联网,支持基于自有知识库进行定制企业智能客服。

  • Updated May 18, 2024
  • Python

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一个基于✨HOOK机制的微信机器人,支持🌱安全新闻定时推送【FreeBuf,先知,安全客,奇安信攻防社区】,👯Kfc文案,⚡备案查询,⚡手机号归属地查询,⚡WHOIS信息查询,🎉星座查询,⚡天气查询,🌱摸鱼日历,⚡微步威胁情报查询, 🐛美女视频,⚡美女图片,👯帮助菜单。📫 支持积分功能,⚡支持自动拉人,⚡检测广告,🌱自动群发,👯Ai回复,😄自定义程度丰富,小白也可轻松上手!

  • Updated May 8, 2024
  • Python

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A comprehensive collection of KAN(Kolmogorov-Arnold Network)-related resources, including libraries, projects, tutorials, papers, and more, for researchers and developers in the Kolmogorov-Arnold Network field.

  • Updated May 18, 2024

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🤯 Lobe Chat - an open-source, modern-design LLMs/AI chat framework. Supports Multi AI Providers( OpenAI / Claude 3 / Gemini / Ollama / Bedrock / Azure / Mistral / Perplexity ), Multi-Modals (Vision/TTS) and plugin system. One-click FREE deployment of your private ChatGPT chat application.

  • Updated May 18, 2024
  • TypeScript
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Instant AI code reviews

  • Speed up your code review process
  • Improve your code quality and ensure high quality code
  • Spend less time on reviews
  • Accelerate development velocity