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Awesome R packages that offer extended UI or server components for the R web framework Shiny
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Awesome Shiny Extensions


A curated list of awesome R packages that offer extended UI or server components for the R web framework Shiny.


An awesome Shiny app often looks different from the default Bootstrap theme.

Generic Theming

Dashboard Theming

Mobile Theming

  • miniUI - Widgets and layouts for Shiny apps working on small screens. Designed for creating Shiny Gadgets.
  • shinyF7 - Theming Shiny apps with Framework7, a full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps.

UI Components

Frontend UI components for special input/output types.


  • ShinyWidgets - Bootstrap 3 custom widgets for Shiny (switches, checkboxes, sweet alerts, slider text, knob inputs, select pickers, search bar, dropdown buttons).
  • bsplus - Bootstrap 3 addons for Shiny and R Markdown (collapsible elements, accordion panels, accordion-sidebar sets, tooltips, popovers, modals, carousels).
  • shinyBS - Bootstrap 3 components for Shiny (alerts, tooltips, popovers, modals, collapsible panels, button upgrades).
  • slickR - Carousels for Shiny apps using slick.js.
  • shinyLP - Bootstrap 3 landing pages for Shiny apps.

File Input

  • shinyFiles - A server-side file system viewer for Shiny.
  • directoryInput - Shiny input widget for selecting directories.

Special Input

  • shinyTime - A timeInput widget for Shiny.
  • shinyCleave - Customized text inputs (phone number, ZIP code, currency, credit card) based on Cleave.js.
  • regexSelect - Enable regular expression searches within a Shiny selectize object.
  • ShinyRatingInput - Star rating inputs for Shiny based on bootstrap-rating.


Feedback / Alert / Notification

  • shinyFeedback - Display user feedback next to Shiny inputs.
  • shinyalert - Create pretty popup messages (modals) in Shiny apps.
  • shinytoastr - Notifications for Shiny apps, via toastr.

Walkthrough / Tooltip / Help

  • rintrojs - Wrapper for Intro.js to create step-by-step introductions and clickable hints.
  • tippy - Wrapper for Tippy.js to add tooltips to R Markdown documents or Shiny apps.
  • shinyhelper - Add Markdown help files to Shiny app elements.


  • rclipboard - Wrapper for clipboard.js to create copy-to-clipboard buttons for Shiny apps.

Color Picker


  • shinyAce - Ace code editor bindings for Shiny.
  • shinyMCE - TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor bindings for Shiny.


  • DT - R interface to the DataTables library.
  • rhandsontable - Create Excel-like editable tables in Shiny apps.
  • formattable - Table elements formatting and styling for R Markdown documents and Shiny apps.
  • gt - Generate information-rich, publication-quality tables.


  • pushbar - pushbar.js for Shiny. Create off-canvas sliding drawers for inputs, outputs, or any other content.

Drag and Drop

  • shinyDND - Create drag and drop elements in Shiny.

Image / Audio / Video

  • shinysense - A series of shiny modules to help Shiny sense the world around it (draw, swipe cards, record images from a webcam, record audio, capture accelerometer data).
  • pixels - htmlwidget and Shiny Gadget to render and draw pixels.
  • vembedr - Embed videos in R Markdown documents and Shiny apps.


  • rpdf - Mozilla pdf.js htmlwidget for R.

Icon Font

  • fontawesome - Insert FontAwesome icons into R Markdown documents and Shiny apps.

Code Diff

  • diffr - Create code diff widgets based on codediff.js.
  • diffRgit - Create an HTML git diff widget using the diff2html library.

Animation Effects

  • typed - R htmlwidget for animated typing effect with typed.js.
  • countup - R htmlwidget that animates a numerical value by counting to it with CountUp.js.
  • textillate - CSS3 text animations with textillate.js.


  • shiny.i18n - Easy internationalization of Shiny apps.


  • reactR - Use React in R with htmlwidget constructor templates and local JavaScript dependencies.
  • shinyReactWidgets - React widgets for Shiny apps.


  • vueR - Use Vue.js in R with htmlwidget constructor templates and local JavaScript dependencies.

Advanced Interactivity

  • htmlwidgets - A framework for creating R bindings to JavaScript libraries.
  • crosstalk - Inter-widget interactivity (for example, linked brushing and filtering) for htmlwidgets.
  • shinyjs - Perform common JavaScript operations in Shiny apps.
  • shinyjqui - Add jQuery UI interactions and effects (e.g. draggable, resizable, sortable elements) to Shiny apps.
  • shiny.collections - Google Docs-like live collaboration in Shiny with RethinkDB.


Frontend components for interactive visualization of specific data types.


  • plotly - Interactive web graphics via plotly.js. Has special support for linking/highlighting/filtering views.
  • highcharter - R wrapper for the highcharts JavaScript charting library.
  • rbokeh - R interface for Bokeh.
  • echarts4r - Interactive graphs with Echarts v4.
  • r2d3 - R interface to D3 visualizations.
  • vegalite - R ggplot2 bindings for Vega-Lite.


  • scatterD3 - R scatterplot htmlwidget based on D3.js.
  • pairsD3 - D3 scatterplot matrices.
  • rthreejs - Interactive 3D scatterplots, networks, and globes based on three.js.

Time Series

  • dygraphs - R interface to the dygraphs JavaScript charting library.
  • metricsgraphics - An htmlwidget interface to the MetricsGraphics.js D3-based charting library.
  • timevis - Interactive timeline visualizations based on vis.js.

Tree and Hierarchical Data

  • D3partitionR - D3-based interactive visualization of nested and hierarchical data (sunburst, treemap, circle treemap, icicle, and partition chart) for Shiny.
  • d3Tree - D3-based collapsible trees for Shiny.
  • collapsibleTree - D3-based interactive collapsible tree diagrams.
  • shinyTree - jsTree bindings for creating interactive trees in Shiny.
  • listviewer - View and modify lists interactively, based on jsoneditor and react-json-view.
  • trelliscopejs - Create interactive Trelliscope displays based on trelliscopejs-lib.

Network and Graph Data

  • networkD3 - Create D3 network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey diagram from R.
  • visNetwork - Network visualization using vis.js.
  • sigmajs - Interface to the sigma.js graph visualization library, including animations, plugins, and Shiny widgets.
  • sigmaNet - Render igraph networks using sigma.js.
  • chorddiag - R interface to D3 interactive chord diagrams.
  • edgebundleR - Circular layout plots with bundled edges based on D3.
  • DiagrammeR - Graph and network visualization based on viz.js.
  • hiveD3 - D3-based hive plots. Tutorial for recreating the package.


  • d3heatmap - D3-based interactive heatmaps (highlight rows/columns, zoom in/out, clustering, dendrograms).
  • heatmaply - Interactive heatmaps using plotly.
  • rChartsCalmap - An htmlwidgets binding for calendar heatmaps using D3.
  • calheatmapR - R interface for the cal-heatmap JavaScript charting library to create calendar heatmaps.

Maps and Spatial Data

  • leaflet - R interface to the Leaflet JavaScript library to create interactive maps.
  • leaflet.extras - Extra functionality for the leaflet package.
  • leaflet.minicharts - Add and modify small charts on the interactive map created with the leaflet package.
  • leaflet.esri - ESRI bindings for the leaflet package.
  • leaflet.opacity - Opacity controls for Leaflet maps.
  • leafletCN - China and geojson choropleth maps for Leaflet.
  • mapdeck - Interactive maps using Mapbox GL and
  • h3r - Uber's H3 geographical indexing library bindings for R.
  • googleway - Access Google Maps API to retrieve data and draw maps.
  • mapview - Interactive viewing of spatial data.
  • mapedit - Interactive editing of spatial data.
  • tmap - Create thematic maps, such as choropleths and bubble maps.


Word Cloud

  • wordcloud2 - Word cloud visualization based on wordcloud2.js.

Biological Data

  • msaR - BioJS-based MSA (multiple sequence alignment) viewer.
  • mutsneedle - Interactive mutation lollipop diagrams.
  • g3viz - D3-based interactive lollipop plots.
  • BioCircos.R - Interactive circular visualization of genomic data using htmlwidgets and BioCircos.js.
  • chromoMap - Interactive visualization and mapping of human chromosomes.
  • flowDashboard - Shiny Modules for visualizing flow cytometry data.
  • qtlcharts - Interactive graphics for QTL experiments.
  • phylocanvas - Interactive phylogenetic trees using the Phylocanvas JavaScript library.
  • phylowidget - Interactive phylogenetic trees based on phylotree.js.


  • rgl - Render WebGL scenes created with the rgl package (vignette).

Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • shinyaframe - WebVR data visualizations with Shiny and Mozilla A-Frame.
  • arframer - Augmented Reality in R based on AR.js.


Backend components and service integrations for Shiny apps.


  • - Packages and tutorials for connecting R and Shiny apps to databases.
  • pool - Database connection pooling in R.
  • elastic - R client for the Elasticsearch HTTP API.
  • sergeant - Transform and query data with Apache Drill.

URL Routing

  • shiny.router - Minimalistic URL router for Shiny apps.
  • shinyURL - Save and restore the state of a Shiny app by encoding the values of user inputs and active tab panels in the app's URL query string.


  • googleAuthR - Shiny compatible Google API client for authentication with OAuth2.
  • auth0 - Authentication in Shiny apps using Auth0.
  • shinyauthr - Server-side authentication using shiny modules.

Job Scheduling

  • cronR - R package for managing cron jobs.

Web APIs Integration

  • geoloc - Use the Geolocation API to get the location of the user (with user's permission).
  • shinyStore - Use the Web Storage API to store persistent, synchronized data in the user's browser.

Notification Integration

  • slackr - Send messages, images, R objects, and files to Slack channels/users.
  • sendgridr - Send emails with SendGrid mail API (v3).
  • twilio - R interface to the Twilio API.
  • blastula - Easily send HTML email messages from R.
  • mjml - Create responsive emails with R and MJML.

Cloud Integration

  • cloudyr - R packages for integrating with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

G Suite Integration

  • googlesheets4 - R interface to Google Sheets via the Sheets API v4.
  • googlesheets - R interface to Google Spreadsheets API (no longer under active development).
  • googledrive - R API client for Google Drive.
  • gmailr - Access the Gmail RESTful API from R.


Deploy Shiny apps to the cloud, hosted infrastructure, or desktop.

Cloud Deploy

  • rsconnect - Deploy Shiny apps to, or RStudio Connect.

Desktop Deploy

  • RInno - Deploy Shiny apps to Windows by interfacing Inno Setup and Electron.
  • Shiny Meets Electron - Talk at useR! 2018 on turning Shiny app into standalone desktop apps. Talk video.
  • nativefier - Create Electron wrappers for any websites (including remotely deployed Shiny apps).

Developer Tools

Debug, test, and optimize Shiny apps.


  • shinyreactlog - Visual debugger for Shiny reactivity.
  • reactlog - Easier debugging with the Shiny reactive log.





Not necessarily an R package, but it helps.

UI Customization

Dependency Resolution

  • packrat - Parse R package dependencies of Shiny apps with packrat::appDependencies.
  • sysreqsdb - SystemRequirements mappings for R packages.
  • shinyapps-package-dependencies - A collection of bash scripts that install system dependencies for R packages.
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