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What's Changed 🎊

New Contributors 💗

Contributed to p5.js GitHub repo

Added by @allcontributors

Contributed to p5.js-website GitHub repo, reviewing, reporting bugs, translation, creating add-on libraries, event organizing, design, etc.

You can find all of our contributors in our README. Thank you to all the contributors! 💜

Full Changelog: v1.4.1...v1.4.2


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What's Changed 🎉

New Contributors 💗

Full Changelog: v1.4.0...v1.4.1


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General Changes

Code Changes

  • Added support for UInt32 vertex indices
  • Change p5.Geometry's module/submodule
  • Fixes initialization of user-defined stroke shader
  • Processing keyword changed to p5 on mouse.js
  • Disable codecov comments
  • Fix "Javacript" typo in error message
  • Update GIF disposal handling
  • Update reference.js
  • Add text wrapping function
  • Update browser compatibility info for build process
  • describeElement() regex quick fix

Documentation Changes

  • Removed redundant string "(Optional)" everywhere in the inline documentation
  • Fixes canvas size problem of fract() page in reference section
  • add missing space in arc() docs
  • Add p5.Camera.frustum documentation on reference page
  • norender class added to createCapture documentation
  • Update -- aligned vertical bars
  • Updated Hindi contributor docs
  • Added missing hindi translations to
  • Add fes message
  • Fix copypasta in sample code
  • Add a reference from one dist() the other one and vise-verse.
  • Improve createCamera() example
  • Fix the texture() example
  • Add vertex() variant to documentation
  • Add example for specularMaterial()
  • Update describe() reference
  • Fix typos show up in docs
  • Fix "it's" in translation.json
  • Improve documentation clarity of some of the camera methods
  • Group materials on reference page
  • Added hindi translations for file
  • Added example and decription of params of beginShape()
  • Fixed the documentation for Vector.angleBetween to indicate that it respects angleMode.
  • Adding missing </code></div> in the centerY and centerZ example code
  • Remove extra optional text from docs for describe()
  • Fix typos in descriptions
  • Update Maintainers in Contributor Docs
  • Fixed errors in hindi translation of contributor docs
  • Fixed typo
  • Converted some auto-generated links in the reference documentation to same-document references

New Contributors

😻 New contributors since last release: @Nitin-Rana, @sflanker, @pearmini, @osteele, @code4humanity, @JetStarBlues, @JetStarBlues, @ghalestrilo, @TylersGit, @ageonic, @cryptochap, @christhomson, @DavidWeiss2, @leokamwathi, @davepagurek, @Rahulm2310, @smrnjeet222, @maxthomax

You can find all of our contributors in our ReadMe.


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  • Merge pull request #5060 from ShenpaiSharma/Issue_#5046 9722a0d
  • Merge pull request #5123 from processing/all-contributors/add-b4ux1t3 a509c43
  • Merge pull request #5122 from b4ux1t3/small-typo 4274827
  • Added missing space. c84dae0
  • Merge pull request #5106 from JuanIrache/main 02416f3
  • Merge pull request #5107 from micuat/add-version-const a1ce015
  • Merge pull request #4989 from fal-works/fix/inline-docs 68ac2be
  • Merge pull request #5103 from duskvirkus/gl-stroke-bug-fix 4c194ec
  • catch crashes of fetch when loading image 5fa7ca9
  • docs: add @params tag to windowResized() d46e5b9
  • docs: revert changes in event handler functions remove @return tags (see #4988) 485dc36
  • docs: revert changes in windowResized() remove description about "return false" remove @param, @return tags (see #4988) 81499b8
  • adding unit tests for p5.RendererGL.prototype.ellipse and p5.RendererGL.arc 105e0e8
  • fixing bug for drawing ellipse/arc with detail higher than 50 and improving documentation for ellipse/arc arguments e395827
  • Merge pull request #5090 from msub2/main 3e1eae2
  • Merge pull request #5093 from lawreka/revert-hyphenation 19fa310
  • remove word breaks and hyphenation 7368adb
  • Using offscreen canvas to extract the pixel data of webgl canvas using CanvasRenderingContext2D. 7240ce6
  • Merge pull request #4642 from outofambit/fix-ie11-support 6fe2d80
  • Add check for TypedArrays in applyMatrix 1855756
  • Merge pull request #5084 from Aloneduckling/correct-style-example 55af036
  • Merge pull request #4756 from TakumaKira/main 39b4fd7
  • Changed the styles of dom-style examples 1983eed
  • Fixes tint in 2d canvas with webgl p5.Graphics 27fb4ac
  • docs: improve inline docs of key event handlers add @param [event] df8a3ca
  • docs: improve inline docs of event handler funcs add @return as they may return false b7123bc
  • docs: improve inline docs of windowResized() add description about return false, add @param [event] 8a2a4dc
  • docs: fix inline docs of int() param radix was missing 3d965b4
  • White dot with a small radius is not entirely white. 881cfa3
  • Allow drawing point with large scale and small strokeWeight. dc9ab8f
  • White dot with a small radius is not entirely white. 1fc9668
  • Allow drawing point with large scale and small strokeWeight. 0864adb



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  • removing empty-example link to p5.sound until load functionality is fixed closes #5068 1b93190
  • adding note about textFont return type closes #4926 02c7eb1
  • adding note about p5 editor to getURL methods closes #5035 7fda84a
  • adding note about cumulative mask property to mask closes #5012 d4aec1a
  • removing unnecessary backslash in blendmode documentation closes #5042 85dc5a0
  • fixing some npm vulnerabilities 6407fbf
  • Merge branch 'main' of into main f8cd935
  • Merge pull request #5073 from processing/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/elliptic-6.5.4 8fb8c93
  • Merge pull request #5069 from meodai/main a20779d
  • Merge pull request #5075 from processing/all-contributors/add-Aloneduckling 336389a
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] 298be5b
  • Merge pull request #5071 from Aloneduckling/p5js-camera-docs e6b7382
  • docs: update [skip ci] 5ec2075
  • Merge pull request #5074 from processing/all-contributors/add-msub2 7ad3311
  • Merge pull request #5072 from msub2/main c212eab
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] 9d87b3f
  • docs: update [skip ci] 6290db3
  • these changes are in response to PR comments d4db58a
  • Bump elliptic from 6.5.3 to 6.5.4 a33b059
  • Remove unused parameters, updated inline examples e913f92
  • applyMatrix now accepts an array as the first argument 873ef63
  • make the example readonly by adding norender class 56a968c
  • replaces the minified version of p5.sound with the plain one in the demo 78b8d37
  • add examples and docs for centerX/Y/Z and upX/Y/Z 8fb358e
  • add documentation for eyeX, eyeY, eyeZ properties 8082db1
  • Merge pull request #5055 from satyasaibhushan/remove_space_under_foundation_section a8afd77
  • mention camera opbect properties in the docs bbe0a71
  • Merge pull request #5063 from processing/saveFrame-typo acf5f8f
  • fix typo on saveFrames c77db0e
  • Merge pull request #5062 from processing/all-contributors/add-sosunnyproject 81d87b3
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] fce32ef
  • docs: update [skip ci] e0b15da
  • docs: add jcelerier as a contributor (#5059) f1010c1
  • docs: add vulongphan as a contributor (#5058) 3d83877
  • update lights function to handle non-RGB color modes (#5049) be51645
  • added submodule to Foundation section in reference to remove inconsistencies in spacing cefdcd7
  • Merge pull request #5052 from rt1301/#5045-filter-doc f81bb70
  • feat:updated p5.Image filter() methods docs 435c321
  • Merge pull request #1 from processing/main a82db0f
  • Merge pull request #5041 from processing/all-contributors/add-satyasaibhushan bb4ba44
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] 60eeae8
  • docs: update [skip ci] b30e5c9
  • delete duplicate "tool" and fix link to avatar 39fcd6e
  • delete comma to fix it a82557a
  • Fixed link to Mozilla JS practices eb9b15a
  • Merge pull request #5033 from Prateek93a/update-unit-testing-doc a765b36
  • Merge branch 'hdcola/main' into main 396907d
  • Edit Chinese translation of contributor documentation 4f878bc
  • Update a8abe64
  • Merge pull request #5028 from nakednous/patch-1 0fb9474
  • Update .all-contributorsrc e248e41
  • Merge pull request #5026 from processing/all-contributors/add-ShenpaiSharma 2861c2c
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] cefcfab
  • docs: update [skip ci] 5c50ff7
  • Merge pull request #5025 from ShenpaiSharma/Issue_#5014 c86c76c
  • Added comment to explain default 10FPS b933baf
  • Changed frameInfo.delay value whent it is equal to 0 0002ceb
  • Merge pull request #4996 from weslord/static-normalize 5db68fb
  • Merge pull request #5013 from PandaBalls/main f2f8bb1
  • Merge pull request #5020 from processing/all-contributors/add-myselfhimself 0261e25
  • Merge pull request #5017 from myselfhimself/patch-1 c2c8992
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] a4e7cf5
  • docs: update [skip ci] 01b5f7b
  • #4866 V texture coordinate inversion on OBJ loadModel 2b6302d
  • fix saveTable() issue 46b7e95
  • translation into Chinese ae90c37
  • Merge pull request #5008 from processing/add-self-as-steward 23db9e6
  • added myself as steward 4218dd1
  • Add self as steward 5b16ce0
  • Merge pull request #5003 from choxi/offscreen-render-bug 35f2312
  • Fixes offscreen rendering bug 4b146e4
  • Add tests for p5.Vector.normalize() 4143134
  • Add static version of Vector.normalize() 3d34b2e
  • Make p5.Vector.mag() comments consistent with others 18dbd51
  • Merge pull request #4986 from siv2r/patch-1 9688687
  • Update .all-contributorsrc 426b693
  • Merge pull request #4979 from Aloneduckling/DOM-examples-corrected f326680
  • Merge pull request #4972 from siv2r/static-rotate 2c1a693
  • Merge pull request #4984 from limzykenneth/color_toString 49f2a51
  • Fix typo in color toString method 8d7a063
  • Merge pull request #4981 from processing/all-contributors/add-frappelatte28 c1da5e2
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] a6ac09c
  • docs: update [skip ci] fa1264f
  • improved checks for static p5.Vector rotate() 0b89c6f
  • Merge branch 'main' into DOM-examples-corrected efcfe58
  • better checks for rotate (static function) b5abddd
  • Merge pull request #4819 from Aloneduckling/add-DOM-example 54b6f0b
  • removed no render class, and corrected the styling of DOM examples for better display 48d309c
  • added example for rotate func (static implementation) f25907b
  • removed addtional param description for angle 2ab9ab1
  • added rotate (static function) for p5.Vector 998d10c
  • Merge pull request #4901 from Vamoss/main 8741583
  • Merge pull request #4963 from processing/all-contributors/add-siv2r 176bf5d
  • docs: update .all-contributorsrc [skip ci] 95240ab
  • docs: update [skip ci] bd382c1
  • Merge pull request #4962 from siv2r/fix_typos-inline_documentation f77c8e6
  • remove smooth option from quad function (original restored) df81685
  • Merge branch 'main' of into main 253eec5
  • added npm run before grunt c709728
  • renamed yuidoc-p5-theme-src to yuidoc-p5-theme 321cfe3
  • fixed broken link daf4605
  • changed definition to description f4a5e1f
  • added line break before the template image e8b9dc7
  • Merge pull request #4959 from limzykenneth/pupeteer-update 174e579
  • Add linux sandbox flag to puppeteer command e9f04db
  • Update puppeteer to latest version 94e99fd
  • Merge branch 'main' of into main 549133f
  • Smooth Quad Distortion (relates to #4288) 75b8afd
  • examples now showing, removed spaces which caused error during build 2155745
  • removed norender class, DOM examples now working ea6fc59



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fixing createRadio example to clarify labels and values closes #4948


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  • downgrade np to fix 2FA problem c3edea7



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  • updating gitignore for parameterData.json trying to fix build error 7b582aa
  • updating path for parameterData.json trying to fix build error 379127d



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  • adding documentation for build tasks 711c2c8