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DemonioCZ commented Feb 18, 2020

Hi, I found mistake in translation to czech, but I dont see it in this file. By every mail content, there is a number of "opens" (how many times it was open). Wrong czech translation is "otevřít"... it should be "otevřeno"

gbonfiglio commented May 3, 2020

General informations

  • system/distribution (with version): Debian Buster
  • offlineimap version (offlineimap -V): offlineimap v7.2.3
  • Python version: v2.7.16
  • server name or domain: Amazon WorkMail
  • CLI options: nothing special

Configuration file offlineimaprc

[Repository WorkMail-Remote]
type = IMAP
remotehost =
remoteuser = REDAC
marclaporte commented May 6, 2020

When using default settings, users will experience fewer bugs. So when there are issues, resetting to the default can be a quick fix/workaround. And this can lead to better bug reports.

We did this in Tiki for I got used to it and miss it in other applications. Basically, it shows user which settings have been modified and lets them reset to

jancborchardt commented Sep 25, 2020

For mails which are not a thread but just single emails, the layout is a bit strange currently cause it shows too much info. Also it makes no sense to be able to collapse the only email.

So we could check what to do with the header there (possibly just not show the people bubbles in the header?) and probably block collapsing the mail.

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