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pqhf5kd commented Nov 4, 2019

Can the 'Search and select an existing contact' dropdown box from the 'Add a new relationship' form also be used for the 'Has someone introduced you' dropdown on the 'How did you meet' form?

I'm only at 175 contacts and it's very frustrating trying to select someone to the 'Has someone introduced you' field.

louisholley commented Apr 8, 2021

hey, thanks for the great package!

i'm using infinite scrolling on the MessageList component like this:

  loadingMore={networkStatus === NetworkStatus.fetchMore}

but when more messages are loaded, the scrollbar is still at the top of the container so it just keeps calling loadMore over and over. ideally the behaviour would be some

bug good first issue
scootyboots commented Oct 4, 2020

Hey @ahmedsadman

I'm sure you're not at the stage in this project where you are optimizing for mobile, but in the meantime, one small fix could improve the mobile experience.

Right now the video player looks like this on mobile:
<img width="280" alt="Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 10 53 39 PM" src="

good first issue
hnryjms commented Sep 15, 2020

With Firefox and hopefully upcoming Safari support, we have many browsers that include Dark Mode. The current icon doesn't look stellar in dark mode, so we should revisit the symbol and what approach we want to take when the browser has a dark top bar.

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brylie commented Mar 31, 2022

We currently use Vue 2 to provide dynamic functionality on the donation and subscription forms. Since Vue 3 has been out for some time and should be mostly backward-compatible, we can probably upgrade without much difficulty.


  • update to Vue 3 on donate_page.html
  • update to Vue 3 on the subscription form
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