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acidtonic commented Sep 10, 2021

Base64 packing the logo is unproductive and prohibitively complicated.

Originally I just thought it was related to the method of delivery, minification,etc....

But then I discovered the "enterprise" copy you sell directly offers the "feature" of changing the logo, which then just packs up a new image.

Now I realize why changing the logo is difficult and you won't document how to do it in

webjunkie commented Aug 24, 2018

I'm using that basically provides custom base serializers that add dynamically fields like _links into the response via the to_representation method.

I tried to somehow get that into the schema as well, but I'm getting stuck. Are there any directions on what I need to provide/subclass/overwrite, so to make it work?

I imagine I could inspect my seri

rossmcdonald commented Jan 6, 2021

While not technically in violation of the OpenAPI specification, including a query parameter in a path should be flagged as an error in Spectral:

A path has specific meaning in HTTP as a part of a URL that comes after the host name and before the query string or fragment. A "path item" key must be only a path, it cannot have a query string or a fragment.

For example, the following when def

MikeRalphson commented Jan 19, 2019
  • Guidance on adding a linter new rule-action (if none of the existing ones can perform the action, or be extended)
  • Expand on guidelines re: keeping commits to logical areas of the code / individual packages where possible
  • Use of conventional-commit standard going forward
  • Advice not to include any package-lock.json changes PRs, for security reasons. File will be regene

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