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carlhua commented Jul 13, 2020

Clients that support multiple server connections would like to have a way to decide which server connection is best able to handle a query. Servers currently "sort of" expose their load as fees, but there's no real exposure of server load in a useful way. Some parameter should be added to the "server" publication stream that clients can just compare across servers to decide which is most likely to

intelliot commented May 12, 2020

The deriveKeypair method takes a seed and derives the public and private key. We should add a method, perhaps derivePublicKey, that takes a private key and derives a public key. One complication is that we support two different algorithms: ecdsa-secp256k1 and ed25519. Given a private key, I don't think there is a way to know whether it is meant to be used as a secp256k1 key or an ed25519 one.

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