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.github github: update issue templates Jun 19, 2018
APMrover2 Rover: rename rudder_arming to get_rudder_arming_type Sep 11, 2018
AntennaTracker Tracker: default BRD_SAFETYOPTION to allow disarming Sep 5, 2018
ArduCopter Copter: pass update rate to precland init Sep 21, 2018
ArduPlane Plane: Cope with AC_PosControl renaming Sep 20, 2018
ArduSub Sub: Cope with AC_PosControl renaming Sep 20, 2018
Tools waf: change ChibiOS ld script path back to relative Sep 21, 2018
benchmarks waf: add gbenchmark Waf tool Dec 2, 2015
docs docs: Add ardusub May 7, 2018
libraries AP_Motors: Tradheli - fixes slew speed of swashplate during collectiv… Sep 24, 2018
mk mk: include Sprayer library Aug 17, 2018
modules modules: update chibios for STM32F103 Sep 19, 2018
tests tests: add macro for printing test parameter May 16, 2016
.dir-locals.el emacs: add a .dir-locals.el Oct 24, 2016
.editorconfig all: Change the editorconfig so that it won't want to reformat Jul 10, 2014
.flake8 Global: add .flake8 Aug 15, 2018
.gitattributes Revert ".gitattributes: automatically clean up newlines in source files" Apr 20, 2015
.gitignore GitIgnore: added .vscode folder to .gitignore Jul 17, 2018
.gitmodules HAL_F4Light: removed submodules Jun 14, 2018
.pydevproject AP_Relay: add -1:Disabled to list of param values May 15, 2014
.travis.yml travis: added build of iofirmware Sep 19, 2018 Global: remove minlure Jun 26, 2018
COPYING.txt cmake overhaul, cleaned up readme, added license Sep 30, 2011
Dockerfile Docker: add Dockerfile for Docker container support Sep 5, 2018 cfg: Fix typos May 13, 2016
Makefile Sub: add to the main makefile Jul 18, 2017
Makefile.waf waf: Makefile.waf: use check-all command instead of --alltests Feb 1, 2016 README: correct Pierre Name Aug 26, 2018
Vagrantfile Vagrant: add comment about utility of valgrind on xenial32 May 17, 2018 reformat: remove mention to .pde files May 8, 2016
uncrustify_cpp.cfg cfg: Fix typos May 13, 2016
uncrustify_headers.cfg cfg: Fix typos May 13, 2016
waf waf: use the current python interpreter for sub-commands Aug 7, 2018
wscript waf: only add support for iofirmware build if the board supports it Sep 19, 2018

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The ArduPilot project is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.


Ardupilot is comprised of several parts, vehicles and boards. The list below contains the people that regularly contribute to the project and are responsible for reviewing patches on their specific area. See for more information.