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To keep each other up-to-date with recent developments and ongoing efforts, we schedule an EasyBuild conference call regularly.


EasyBuild conference calls are intended to enable community members to stay up-to-date with current and future development efforts (who is working on what, what is the progress, etc.), both by HPC-UGent and others.

Everybody is free to join in, be it actively (speaking up, proposing agenda points, ...) or passively (just listening in with video/sound muted).

The conference calls are planned well ahead (see below), and are held bi-weekly (i.e., every other week).

The intention is to keep the calls focused and fast-paced, which is reflected in the fact that the duration will be limited to 30 minutes 1 hour. The main agenda points will be available before the start of the meeting, with a small slot reserved for open questions/suggestions.


The conference calls are done by means of a Google Hangout. We opted for this approach since hangouts are 100% free (as in beer), as opposed to Skype Premium which is required for group calls and screen sharing.

To be able to join the conference calls, you need inform Kenneth Hoste (@boegel), so he can invite to the (private) EasyBuild community on Google+.

To avoid making the Google Hangout public (which usually results in random people being bored joining in and disrupting the meeting), only people who are a member of the dedicated (private) EasyBuild community for EasyBuild conference calls will be invited. Use the link in Video calls in this community box on the private EasyBuild community page shortly before the start of the conference call.


EasyBuild conference calls are planned every other Wednesday.

Google+ Hangout URIs will be provided shortly before the conference calls, both via the EasyBuild community on Google+ and via the EasyBuild mailing list.

Next EasyBuild conference call

Future EasyBuild conference calls

(note: subject to change)

  • Wed Oct 11th 2017
  • Wed Oct 25th 2017


Notes on previous conference calls are available here: