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This page is being developed. For now it is merely a list of tasty links.

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CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit and RSpec that allows you to generate XML reports of your test and/or spec runs. The resulting files can be read by a continuous integration system that understands Ant's JUnit report XML format, thus allowing your CI system to track test/spec successes and failures.

CI Implementations

Bamboo Developer Source (proprietary, but you get source code with purchase)

Confirmed to work with JRuby

Basic Configuration

  • Create a "Builder:
    • Label: "JRuby"
    • Type: Custom Command
    • Path: your $JRUBY_HOME
  • Builder Configuration
    • Argument: $JRUBY_HOME/bin/rake test

Blog Posts

Cruisecontrol FOSS

Cruisecontrol.rb FOSS



Confirmed to work with JRuby

See instructions in JRuby / Ruby Continuous Integration with Hudson to configure.

It also can execute Rake tasks as build steps. See instructions to configure in Using Hudson as Rails CI server

Feature Ideas

Both Sun and Atlassian have asked what features the Ruby and JRuby community would like to see in CI tools. Add ideas here.

- I'd like Hudson to either support rake and ci:reporter out of the box, or for their to be a plugin to do this. Allowing configuration in much the same way as you configure an ant project.

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