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JRuby is available at our website, but it is also available in many distributions. This page documents all the brave souls who help package up JRuby and distribute it via various packaging technologies. Currently, the best way of installing JRuby for POSIX systems is: rbenv or RVM. Linux packages are hopelessly out of date, with the exception of Archlinux and Alpine Linux.

OS Package Maintainer Current versions (1.7.27, Notes
POSIX rbenv Mislav Marohnić 1.7.24, see also ruby-build (available Ruby interpreters: ruby-build --definitions)
POSIX RVM Wayne E. Seguin & Michal Papis 1.7.11 (available Ruby interpreters: rvm list known)
Mac OS-X Homebrew maintainers formula
Mac OS-X MacPorts ameingast? 1.7.4 portfile
Mac OS-X Fink None
Redhat/Fedora RPM Mohammed Morsi 1.5.3 [1.5.6] issue
Debian APT Sebastien Delafond, Torsten Werner ???
Ubuntu APT ubuntu-motu : lists.ubuntu.com 1.5.1 on Natty
Gentoo Portage (dev-java/jruby) 1.6.8 gentoo portage
Alpine Linux APK (community/jruby) Jakub Jirutka package
Archlinux pacman (community/jruby) Jan Steffens package
Windows install4j jruby-core 1.7.24, download installer
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Virtual Appliance and Amazon Cloud Images BitNami BitNami (frequently updated) download
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