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JRuby and Java Code Examples

Below are some code examples showing how to call JRuby from Java and how to call Java from JRuby.

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JRuby calling Java

See also: Calling Java from JRuby

JRuby: call_java.rb

require "java"

java_import "java.util.TreeSet"
java_import "com.example.CallMe"
java_import "com.example.ISpeaker"

puts "Hello from ruby"
set =
set.add "foo"
set.add "Bar"
set.add "baz"
set.each { |v| puts "value: #{v}" }

cm =

class CallJava
  include ISpeaker
  def initialize
    @count = 0

  def say(msg)
    puts "Ruby saying #{msg}"
  def addOne(from)
#    m.synchronize {
      @count += 1
      puts "Now got #@count from #{from}"
#    }


package com.example;

public interface ISpeaker {
    public void say(String msg);
    public void addOne(String from);


package com.example;

public class CallMe {

    String mName;

    public CallMe() {
    public CallMe(String name) {
        mName = name;
    public void hello() {
        System.out.println("Hello from "+mName);
    public static void main(String []args) {
        System.out.println("Called main");

Java calling JRuby

See the following pages for updated Java embedding documentation:

RedBridge - The RedBridge API is the recommended Java API to use when embedding JRuby into a Java application or writing Java code to drive JRuby.

Embedding with JSR-223 - JSR-223, also known as the the `javax.script` API, is a standard Java API for driving embedded JVM languages. It is not as direct as RedBridge but it is standard across all JVM languages that support it.

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