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Running Minitest or Rspec over several JRuby versions with Ruby Maven

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setup for minispec

first make sure you have Ruby-Maven installed

gem install ruby-maven

you need a gemspec-file or Gemfile for your project. now you need a Mavenfile like this


jruby_plugin :minitest do
  execute_goals( :spec )

properties( 'jruby.versions' => ['1.5.6','1.6.8','1.7.13'].join(','),
            'jruby.modes' => ['1.8', '1.9', '2.0'].join(',') )

with this file in place you can run your tests with

rmvn test

this matrix is not the product of those to arrays/vectors the minitest-plugin takes care that it runs only the allowed tests. so the specs will run with

jruby-1.5.6 mode 1.8
jruby-1.6.8 mode 1.8
jruby-1.6.8 mode 1.9
jruby-1.7.13 mode 1.8
jruby-1.7.13 mode 1.9
jruby-1.7.13 mode 2.0

to run minitest instead of minispec as in the above example change to

jruby_plugin :minitest do
  execute_goals( :test )


the same thing works for rspec like this


jruby_plugin :rspec do
  execute_goals( :test )

snapshot_repository :jruby, ''

properties( 'jruby.versions' => ['1.5.6','1.6.8','1.7.13',''].join(','),
            'jruby.modes' => ['1.8', '1.9', '2.0','2.1'].join(','),
            'tesla.dump.pom' => 'pom.xml',
            'tesla.dump.readonly' => true )

here the Mavenfile looks for gemspec0file and resolves and installs the dependencies for it and then execute the rspec in context of these gems. further it adds to list of JRubies - note the extra 2.1 in the modes !

note that there are two more "magic" properties which tells Ruby-Maven to dump a pom.xml which can be used by proper Maven with exact the executions as with Ruby-Maven.


there is also a Cucumber JRuby-Plugin:

jruby_plugin :cucumber do
  execute_goals( :test )

using it on travis

the pom.xml can be used to setup travis as such (.travis.yml)

language: ruby
  - 1.9.3
  - 2.0.0
  - 2.1.0
  - ruby-head
    - rvm: jruby
      jdk: openjdk6
      script: mvn test
    - rvm: jruby
      jdk: openjdk7
      script: mvn test
    - rvm: jruby
      jdk: oraclejdk7
      script: mvn test
    - rvm: jruby
      jdk: oraclejdk8
      script: mvn test
    - rvm: ruby-head

which runs the usual bundle exec rake for native rubies and for jruby it runs mvn test which uses the above mentioned pom.xml and runs over configured matrix of the Mavenfile. as you see the test run with different JDKs.