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Items Kept on Death

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There may be situations where the interface is incorrect. Please report these to be fixed.

Updates the Items kept on Death interface to be interactive and more accurately display the items kept/lost. This plugin does not work when playing DMM or in a safe areas such as your POH or Clan Wars.

Permanent Death Mechanics

  1. Every account protects 3 items
  2. Skulled accounts lose all items
  3. Protect item keeps an additional item
  4. Items are protected based on GE value (or high alch if can't be traded)
  5. UIM can't use protect item and lose all items as if they were Skulled

"Temporary" Death Mechanics

  1. 60 minutes to retrieve your items
  2. Other players can't see your items
  3. Non-tradeable items are kept on death in non-pvp scenarios
  4. Above 20 wilderness non-tradeable items are no longer kept on death

These mechanics were implemented over several updates and not fully explained.

Game updates regarding Death Mechanics

Temporary Changes to Death Mechanics (20 August 2014)

Player Owned House Menageries - Reverted above changes

Temporary Changes to Death Mechanics (29 September 2014)

Change to Items Lost on Death - Prevented others from seeing items you lost

Temporary Death Mechanic Changes - Keeps your untradeables in non-PvP and 60 minute timer instead of 30

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Default Interface

Updated Interface

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