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RuneLite Configuration

RuneLite Configuration


Game size

Allows to resize your client

Resize type

The way the game should open and close the sidebar

Lock Window Size

Don't allow window to resize.

Contain in screen

Makes the client stay contained in the screen when attempted to move out of it.

Remember client position

Save the position and size of the client after exiting.

Enable custom window chrome

Whether or not Runelite should use custom title and border.

Enable client always on top

The client will stay visible in front of other windows.

Fullscreen mode

Switch window to fullscreen mode. (Currently in snapshot)

Enable tray notifications

Enables tray notifications.

Request focus on notification

Toggles whether to bring client to front upon being notified.

Enable sound on notifications

Enables the playing of a beep sound when notifications are played

Enable game message notifications

Puts a notification message in the chatbox.

Enable flash notification

Flashes the gameframe as a notification.

Send notifications when focused

Toggles whether to send notification if you have the client focused.

Dynamic Overlay Font

Choose which font type to use for all in-game overlays.

Tooltip Font

Configures what font type is used for in-game tooltips such as food stats and NPC names.

Display infoboxes vertically

Stack infoboxes vertically instead of horizontally.

Infobox wrap count

Configures the amount of infoboxes shown before wrapping.

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