XP Tracker

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XP Tracker Configuration

Configures whether or not to display the XP tracker plugin icon

Xp tracker plugin icon
XP Tracker Plugin Panel

When open, this panel will display information about the XP you have gained during your session, including:

  • Total XP gained
  • Total XP per hour rate
  • A button to reset all of the statistics

The following information is available for each skill that has gained XP during your session:

  • XP gained
  • XP per hour
  • Actions per hour performed
  • Total actions performed

Additionally, you are able to reset individual skill statistics by clicking the respective icon in the XP tracker

Setting Level Goals

Level goals beyond the next level can be set by using the ingame XP/Level goals interface.

Entering XP drops setup Selecting a skill to change goal settings Setting goal start point Setting goal end point Saving level goal changes Display of current level goal settings

Once you have passed ingame level goals, the XP tracker will go back to displaying your progress toward the next level.

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