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allain commented Apr 1, 2020

Describe the bug
When sanitizing the r.URL.Path by making is absolute it introduces a windows path of D:\... on the requested path, which fails.

go version 1.14
version of mux in our go.mod is listed as 1.7.4

Steps to Reproduce
Use the spa example on a windows box and fetch any file

Expected behavior
To have the file delivered

rogpeppe commented Nov 16, 2015

The documentation does not make it clear whether
paths of the form:


are allowed. These are currently supported by httprouter,
but don't seem quite in the spirit of its simple specification
(you can't have statically defined suffixes for a path element,
so why should you be allowed a statically defined prefix?)

This form:


is similarly not specified but i

trhr commented Feb 26, 2020

Documentation issue

I'd write this, but I feel like someone with more server admin experience would be more qualified. Some quick and dirty instructions for operating the server as stably as possible; taking into account things like:

  • System service execution of a virtualenv containing evennia
  • Database maintenance
  • Memory maintenance / ulimits / server reboot schedule
  • Misc error

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