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westonlast commented Sep 14, 2018

Shaders have been "supported" on Wii U for a while. I have a shader binary prepared for the Wii U. How do I test this thing? No matter what I do, including renaming the file to have a ".slang" extension, creating a Preset "SLANGP" file (the knowledge of the dummy file extensions to use required me looking at the Retroarch source code), the shader never seems to apply.

What kind of "Wii U sha

deltabeard commented Jan 2, 2018
  • Seek commands should be press and hold to continue seeking. However, a small delay should be added to reduce the delay between when each seek is executed so that the user has enough time to decide when to stop seeking.

  • The first delay should be long, and subsequent delays much shorter.

  • Other commands should be executed for each key press only. So when R is pressed, the su

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