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viboes commented Sep 28, 2019

As for Display the special operations generated by the compiler #224 discussion, the documentation will improve if we had a section describing the transformation of each featre and his limitations.

In particular for the special operation, to explain that only the operations that are really generated would appear in the transformation. This is due to the fact that the tool s based on the AST.

PresidentNavalny commented Jul 5, 2019

Describe the bug
When you create a token, if you specify a value in the decimal parameter for example 5, and then when the token is created, send 0.000001 of this token or less, the tokens will not be sent, but there will be 2 transactions where it will be written that the sending was successful

To Reproduce
Created a SWAP token(SWP) here is his smart contract "C2e5NyvG4cLaZYN5uqPmuVN

seanmiddleditch commented Jun 2, 2019

Figure out what standard we want for documenting our APIs, which is a very-reasonable request from @Javioman.

Right now, most code just ins't documented at all, which is fairly uncool.

We need to decide what technology we want to use for documentation and the accompanying documentation format.

A non-exhaustive list of options:

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