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Jpadilla1 commented Sep 1, 2019

When using @xstate/test and a machine that uses delays tests will fail if no timeouts are set explicitly on the state that requires it. Before generating tests I would solve this by passing a SimulatedClock to the interpreter and forward the time as described in the docs. Now that I am generating tests I find myself having to set timeouts which makes my tests slower than really needed.

How can

fungiboletus commented Nov 14, 2018
  • Up to date quick start
  • Single place to find helpful resources
  • More examples
  • Document annotations (see #215)
  • Explain more what ThingML is, can do, and what it can't do
  • How to contribute documentation
  • Syntax / keywords documentation
  • Make a website ?
  • Build an interactive tutorial that is actually cool, similar to [tryruby](https:/
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