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fungiboletus commented Nov 14, 2018
  • Up to date quick start
  • Single place to find helpful resources
  • More examples
  • Document annotations (see #215)
  • Explain more what ThingML is, can do, and what it can't do
  • How to contribute documentation
  • Syntax / keywords documentation
  • Make a website ?
  • Build an interactive tutorial that is actually cool, similar to [tryruby](https:/

MDEForge is an extensible modeling framework specifically conceived to support for discovery and reuse of existing modeling artefacts. MDEForge consists of a set of core services that permit to store and manage typical modeling artefacts and tools. Atop of such services it is possible to develop extensions adding new functionalities to the platform. All the services can be used by means of a Web access and by a REST API that permits to adopt the available model management tools as software-as-a-service.

  • Updated Jul 21, 2019
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