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PPSSPP - a fast and portable PSP emulator

Created by Henrik Rydgård

Additional code by many contributors, see the Credits screen

Originally released under the GPL 2.0 (and later) in November 2012

Official website:


No BIOS file required to play, PPSSPP is an "HLE" emulator. Default settings balance good compatibility and speed.

To contribute, see the development page. Help testing, investigating, or fixing is always welcome. See the list of issues.

For the latest source code, see our GitHub page.

For build instructions and other development tutorials, see the wiki.

If you want to download regularly updated builds for Android, Windows x86 and x64, proceed to this page

For game compatibility, see community compatibility feedback.

What's new in 1.13.2

  • Crashfix on Android 12 when playing certain background music ([#15990])
  • Fix Star Ocean battles in D3D backends (#[15889])
  • Minor fixes that might fix some other crashes

What's new in 1.13.1

  • Confirmation dialog added before change of MAC address (#15738)
  • IR interpreter regression fixed (#15739)
  • Fix clearing of replacement texture cache (#15740)
  • Improved Portuguese-pt translation (#15734)
  • Fix graphical regression in Split/Second (#15733)
  • Couple of minor crash fixes

What's new in 1.13


  • Fix assorted Android "scoped storage"-related bugs and performance issues (#15237, #15487), etc.
  • Analog mapping for fast-forward (#15645)
  • Major softgpu accuracy fixes and speedups, including a JIT (#15163, #15345, #15389, #15529, #15440, #15410, #15405, #15400) and many, many more
  • Fixed some NEON code paths (#15481)
  • Fix performance of texture uploads with Vulkan (#15474)
  • Don't include the large font atlas when we don't need it
  • Improved upscaling shaders (#15566)
  • Vulkan texture upscaling performance improvements (#15238), etc.
  • Vulkan correctness fixes (#15217, #15211), use the VMA allocator (#15162), etc.
  • Fixes to depth culling (#15106), many more
  • Background loading of texture replacement (#15025)
  • Threading manager improvements and fixes (#15470), etc.
  • Added search in settings (#14414)
  • Added fast button repeats on custom touch buttons (#15613)
  • Two new bicubic upscaling shader: Catmull-Rom and Mitchell-Netravali (#15569)
  • Allow to change screen rotation per game and to bind a key to change it (#15494, #15510)
  • Re-enabled software rendering option on Android (#12958)

Game fixes

  • Add more workarounds for Mali driver bugs (#15016)
  • Vortex in God of War: Ghost of Sparta can now be passed (#15640)
  • Various proAdhoc fixes (#15213, #15215), and many more
  • Correct flickering text in Sol Trigger and Last Ranker. (#15549)
  • Fix and improve line drawing in Echochrome (#15583), after line refactoring (#15073, #15075)
  • Fix HUD graphics in Split/Second (#15500, #15501)
  • Fix bad screen overlay issues in Clone Wars and Force Unleashed (#15691, #15696, #12949, #9572)
  • Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 no longer hangs on character select screen (#15687)
  • Juiced 2: Bloom effect no longer covering the screen (#7295, #15717)
  • Fix keyboard shift issue in a few games (#15698)


What's new in 1.12.3

  • Fix background music speed. A couple translation fixes.

What's new in 1.12.2

  • Fix joystick detection bug on Android.

What's new in 1.12.1

  • Bug fixes (control mapping fix, popup menus in the Windows debugger, a few crashfixes)

What's new in 1.12

Platform support:

  • Add support for Android 12 Scoped Storage restrictions (#11997)
  • iOS: Fix multitouch tracking (#5099)
  • Android: Fix screenshot orientation on Vulkan (#14053)
  • Linux: Improve support for system FFmpeg 3.1+ (#14176, #14188, #14199)
  • libretro: Always enable function hooks (#14145)
  • AMD: Enable Vulkan rendering on a thread (#13864)
  • Add iOS version detection, turn off JIT on bootup if >= 14.3. (#14201)
  • iOS: Try a different JIT detection method, thanks Halo-Michael (#14241)
  • Windows: Restore window size correctly (#14317)

Game fixes:

  • Fix NBA Live 08 loading (#8288)
  • Display Open Season title screen correctly (#13252)
  • Fix Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Chinese Patched blue screen (#14127)
  • Load Ape Academy 2 correctly (#14271)
  • Many more...

Graphics and Sound:

  • Add new texture filtering mode "Auto Max Quality" (#14789)
  • Fix Princess Maker 5 Portable half screen in Vulkan (#13741)
  • Fix Pro Yakyu Spirits 2010 (NPJH50234): Rendering errors with hardware transform off (#14167)
  • Support texture replacement filtering overrides (#14230)
  • Fix Yarudora Portable: Double Cast's FMVs artifacting (#13759)
  • Fix Sims 2 Castaway/Pets EA Logo glitched out (#13146)
  • Fix bad size & position on Japanese & Numbers & Alphabets (#14209)
  • Implement basic depth texturing for OpenGL (#14042)
  • Google Cardboard fixes (#14966, #14768)
  • Correct mini-map update in Z.H.P. (#14069)
  • Fix crash in vertex jit on ARM32 (#14879)
  • Add a setting for reverb volume (#14711)
  • Option to switch to new devices or not, on Windows.


  • Add a setting for choosing background animation in PPSSPP's menus (#14313, #14818, #14810, #14347)
  • Add CRC calculation on game info screen and feedback screen (#14000, #14041)
  • Add a Storage tab to System Information with some path info (#14224, #14238)
  • Track and show memory allocation / usage information in debugger (#14056)
  • Allow searching within the savedata manager (#14237)
  • Enable postshaders to access previous frame (#14528)
  • Add missing Japanese keyboard symbol (#14548)
  • Add Reset button on crash screen, allow load state and related (#14708)
  • Implement save state load and save undo (#14676, #14679, #14697)
  • A lot of minor debugger improvements


  • New analog stick calibration menu (#14596)
  • Improved combo button and moved settings to Customize Touch Control -> Customize -> Custom button (#13869)
  • Improved tilt control, allow to change axis (#12530)
  • Add a visual means of control mapping (#14769)
  • Add basic motion gesture support (#13107)
  • Fix touch control DPAD not getting input when dragged over, and make touch analog drag not activate other buttons (#14843)
  • Allow adjusting touch control analog stick head size (#14480)


  • Fix multiplayer issue on MGS:PW due to detecting an incorrect source port on incoming data (#14140)
  • Always enable TCPNoDelay to improve response time (#14235)
  • Fix Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles multiplayer (#14284)
  • Fix FlatOut Head On multiplayer (#14290)
  • Prevent flooding Adhoc Server with connection attempts (#14335)
  • Fix crashing issue when leaving a multiplayer game room (ie. GTA Vice City Stories) (#14342)
  • Fix stuck issue when scanning AP to Recruit on MGS:PW (#14345)
  • Fix possible crash issue on blocking socket implementation (ie. Kao Challengers) (#14466)
  • Create GameMode's socket after Master and all Replicas have been created (ie. Fading Shadows) (#14492)
  • Reduce HLE delays due to multiplayer performance regressions (ie. Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki) (#14513)
  • Fix socket error 10014 on Windows when hosting a game of Vulcanus Seek and Destroy (#14849)

Looking for older news?

Adhoc support

Not fully functional, but some games work. Check the Ad-Hoc section of the forum for help.

Credit goes to:


A PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, written in C++. Want to contribute? Join us on Discord at or just send pull requests / issues. For discussion use the forums at