Features you could help us with

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This section is intended as a home for all the existing or planned features that have no one looking after them. The SharpDevelop team does not have time for these features; please be so kind and Adopt a Feature Today! (tm)

  • ASP.NET (.aspx) support
  • Settings editor - there's an unfinished AddIn in 4.0 for editing Visual Studio .settings files - finish the editing part and create the integration with app.config
  • Edit and Continue - The debugger side of this would be done by David Srbecky. What we need is C# compiler that is able to generate updated IL code, metadata and symbols. Modifying the mono compiler is probably the best way to go.
  • Refactoring
  • Unit Test for all cases you can imagine.
  • VB 9.0 (LINQ) parser and code-completion support
    • Parser: nearly complete, only missing XML literals (but those don't seem trivial to me - do they have their own lexical grammar?)
    • Parser unit tests: there are nearly no tests for the new language features
    • Code completion: most new languages features are not yet supported
  • Typed data set designer
  • Guidance automation equivalent (http://guidanceautomation.net)
  • Support for your favourite .NET language - preferably with parser and code-completion support

If you want to add your own feature wishes, please use the Wishlist.

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