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High priority

These are the most important features. Hopefully they will be finished as soon as possible.

  • Conditional exceptions
  • Conditional MDAs
  • Editable variable values
  • Debugger Visualizers

Medium priority

If I am not in the mood to work on any high priority features, I will pick one of these :-)

Low priority

I agree that the following ideas might be good, but until other important features are implemented these must wait.

  • Remote Debugging
  • Edit and Continue support - That's a lot of work, but I hope it will be done once. Reusing Mono compiler seems unfeasable so I guess IL diff would be way to go. This would not perform really well (needs complete recompilation), but better something then nothing.
  • Some vidoes

Refused features

Sorry, I either think these ideas are not good at all or they are not worth the effort. If you produce a really good argument, you may change my mind :-)

  • Debug unmanaged/mixed code (like C++) - It is too much work and I doubt anyone would use it. However, if you know good managed wrapper of unmanaged debugging API or if you know any open-source managed Debugger of unmanaged code, let me know.
  • Decompiler - Lutz Roeder Reflector would be great for this, but he has not implemented support for pdb generation and he does not allow redistribution of his library

Suggested features

If you want to suggest a great new feature, please add it here.

  • Vanya suggested that debugger tooltips should be reused in non-debug mode to provide more infromative tooltips
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