Daniel Grunwald

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Contributor since: Summer 2004
Homepage: http://www.danielgrunwald.de
E-Mail: daniel at danielgrunwald.de
MSN Messenger: daniel at danielgrunwald.de
XMPP (Jabber): daniel.grunwald at gmail.com (please mention SharpDevelop when making a contact request)
IRC: 'dgrunwald' on freenode. Usually you'll find me in #sharpdevelop.
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Languages: German (mother language), English

Worked on

  • SharpDevelop 1.x
  • SharpDevelop 2.0
    • Generics support for code completion
    • Tooltips
    • Go to definition
    • Class member "bookmarks" that can be used to run refactoring actions on methods/properties/fields.
    • Go to base class / Find overrides
    • Find references
    • Integrated MbUnit
    • Even more bugfixes in even more areas
  • SharpDevelop 2.1
    • Code analysis (FxCop integration)
    • Subversion support
    • Custom Tool support
    • Improved MSBuild project support
    • Moved code-completion code into reusable library (ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Dom)
    • Framework-specific code completion (.NET 1.1, compact framework)
    • tons of bugfixes
  • SharpDevelop 3.0
    • Improved C# <-> VB converter (now using information from referenced libraries)
    • C# 3.0 code completion support
  • SharpDevelop 4.0
    • WPF workbench
    • AvalonEdit
    • Ported project system to MSBuild 4.0
    • WPF designer
    • lots of major and minor features, take a look at my blog for some examples
  • SharpDevelop 5.0
    • Implemented NRefactory 5
    • Ported large parts of SharpDevelop 5 to NRefactory 5
    • C# semantic highlighting
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