2011 Spring Lisp Game Jam

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The 2011 Spring Lisp Game Jam is a seven-day-long global internet game creation festival---a semi-annual challenge for game designers to produce computer games using any variant of the Lisp programming language. Both newcomers and experienced Lispers are welcome, and this wiki is full of educational resources for those who are exploring the Lisp family.

How and when

The Jam begins Friday 22 April 2011, and ends the following Friday (29 April).

Participants must attempt to create a playable game in those 7 days, and then post their results and some kind of write-up or commentary. Whether or not you complete a playable game, please write a "Postmortem" about your work and what you learned during the process, and post links to whatever is completed (any code, assets, demos).

(Because of international date line issues and such, the "deadline" is reached upon the honor system among participants, and in practice most people are able to post their postmortems within a few days of the deadline.)

The 2011 Spring Lisp Game Jam is open to all sentient beings with internet access. Chat about it on IRC at #lispgames on irc.freenode.net, and follow lispgames on Twitter.

How you can participate

  • Post your info below in the Registration section, possibly with a note or two about yourself and what you plan to create.
  • Accomplish as much as you can during the 7-day work period
  • Write up your postmortem document and post it when it's all ready. (you can use the wiki for this.)
  • Check out other people's entries and postmortems, and provide comments and feedback.
  • Have fun!

Registration Area

List your name here, with possibly a bit of text about yourself and what you plan to make with Lisp.

List details below:

  • David O'Toole --- I'd like to make a mini version of XONG with documented code so that I can show people an example of using IOFORMS.
  • Jeremiah Stoddard (jstoddard) --- I'll be working on a side-scrolling game along the lines of either Super Mario Bros. or Duke Nukem.
  • Josh Marchán (sykopomp) --- Continuing work on Sykosomatic. Specifically, adding a new input system and actual game objects to make the toy more of a game. Hopefully have a few rooms and a short playtest session.
  • Andrew Stine --- Trivial rogue-like, curses based.
  • Inaimathi --- Port of Elite to Common Lisp (by way of Elite for Emacs). I've been half-heartedly working on this for a little while, but I'll put together a writeup for the game jam if it's ok. The github page lists project goals and details. In a nutshell: browser-based space trading game. Postmortem
  • John Process (esologic) - I have been working on a Common Lisp roguelike off and on for awhile now named Detome (github). I will be continuing with that and will do a write-up. Postmortem
  • Eric Bergstrome (ericbb) --- Henri's Reef in non-Euclidean space. Postmortem.
  • Your Info Here
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